Sunday, February 24, 2013

February's Curlkit Un-Boxing

February's Curlkit

There are lots of subscription boxes out there. Much more than I even thought existed. The two with the biggest buzz is Curlkit and Curlbox. I have been stalking their social media to figure out which one to give a try. After much deliberation I chose Curlkit and I am happy I did.

I found a coupon online so I paid $18 instead of $20. There were lots of delays in the shipment of the Curlkits but the owner Heather Cummings kept us updated. I appreciated that. While I waited patiently for my kit I looked at what the February's Culbox looked like and it was a real joke. A box full of Pantene products that I could get down the street. Man, I would have been PISSED!!! On the 21st I finally got my Curlkit and leaped for joy. No Pantene. Lol!

Below is a picture of my goodies. It felt like Christmas. Hehe!

There weren't anything in this box that I have used before. Everything was new to me. That should be the purpose of these boxes. Give you products you have never tried that is not easily accessible and at a reasonable price. Curlkit cost $20 per month and you can cancel anytime.

Below is a list of all the products I got:

Cantu Naturals Creamy Hair Lotion 13.8 oz
Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Conditioner 2 oz
Oyin Burn Sugar Pomade sample
Pooka Mint n' Roses Spa Soak
B's Organic Jamaican Grapeseed Oil 1 oz
Mixed Chicks Trial & Travel Pack ( Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner)
Terry Turban

To be honest with you that box is worth the $20. Just think how much each would cost you to get plus shipping. I will do reviews on these products at a later date. Are subscribed to any hair, beauty or food boxes?


  1. I just bought my first subscription last month and I'm sooo excited. Reading this made my anticipation even greater! And being that this month is curlkit's 1yr anniversary, I think I've joined just in time for a GOODIE:).
    I'll also be following your blog ;)

  2. Thanks for the support Hun! February was my first subscription and i love it. But March should be the best because its the anniversary, i will be stalking the mail man. lol.

    I just joined your site. Can you click Join Site on my blog too.


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