Bubble Tea: My New Addiction!

Bubble Tea

Its official. I am an addict and need to find an Anonymous meeting. I try to stop but it pulls me right back in. Yes I have a problem. There, I admit it. Hold up......before you think what I think your thinking... I am NOT and an alcoholic. Hahaha! I am addicted to Bubble Tea (tapioca, pearl tea, whatever you want to call it). Yes, that I am addicted to indeed. Its funny and quite sad at the same time to be honest.

So you might be wondering what the hell am I talking about and what the hell are those black things in the milk tea above. Well, my friend that is the lovely bubble tea. Those small balls are called by many names (i.e. bubble, pearl or tapioca). Bubble tea is an Asian drink that have slowly became popular in America and mostly in cities where the Asian population is large. I work in New York city so getting bubble tea is like getting candy. I often feel like its candy. LOL!

Is it healthy or not? The jury is still out on that one. I have done research and found that it is mostly carboyhdrates which is not that great for you. The milk tea is sweat so calories high but these lovely bubble tea shops let you choose your sugar content. You see why I love them? Now can I justify my bubble tea addiction by saying that I only order 0% - 30% sugar. It makes me feel better.

How do I know I am addicted? OK here we go. LOL! I cannot go outside for lunch or I will come back with a bubble tea. If am stressed at my job I run outside down the block and grab one and trust me, the stress decreases. Lol! If my Asian coworkers walk in here with one I instantly grab my coat and say 'be right back'. Some of them say they that I need rehab (if there is such a program). Lol. If I have loose change I put them together to go get my fix. OK you get the picture. Pathetic I know.

But....before you go casting me away with my suitcase in hand to a rehab center to stay away from those pearly drinks; I must say its better than drugs. Hahaha! Isn't it? Aren't you happy its not something that can hurt me. If your a good friend, reader, follower you would. LOL!

OK, that's all Folks. I had admitted my problem. Now I will sit down. Have you tried Bubble Tea? Is there something NON_DRUGS related that you can say your addicted to?


  1. Lol! I tried bubble tea at the Vietnamese place near my house; it's definitely an acquired taste for me, but it balanced our meal well. I like it when I have something spicy - the melon one more than anything else :-D

    I'm not addicted to them, but I do love Starbucks' drinks. I used to get the same grande mocha frapp at Starbucks, but my taste for caffeinated milkshakes (as one of my friends calls them) burgeoned last year, so now I'm into the pumpkin spice latte, macchiatos, and most of the frappuccinos. If I have $6 in my wallet, I'll run to Starbucks and grab a grande java chip frapp and a slice of very berry coffee cake :-D It's not all the time, but I go there enough lol.

    I'm recovering from an addiction to hair products lol. I tend to shop and/or eat when I'm upset or angry, so I was in the hair aisle a lot last year *hangs head in shame*

    1. Haha. Your a product junkie too. I love trying new products. I have a list of reviews to do.


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