Entwine Couture Creme Jelle Styler Product Review

Product: Entwine Couture Creme Jelle` Styler
Price: $16.99 (4oz)
Where to buy: Entwine Couture
Product Claims: Naturalle-Style Recall Technology™ for 60% longer lasting, redefinable styles and staying  power. Curl elongation for less shrinkage. Improves curl definition and shine. Resist humidity for less frizz. Helps to condition and protect the hair. Strengthens hair up to 75% while styling. Lightweight with No Tacky, Sticky Film or Excessive Build-up. Absolutely NO Mineral Oil, Petrolatum or Parabens

Entwine Couture Creme Jelle Styler Product Review

I have seen the Ms Vaughn TV from YouTube use this brand in almost all her videos. I could be wrong but I think she owns it. My friend told me she love the line so I decide to use my Christmas Amazon gift card and give the Jelle` Styler a try. 

I washed my hair and added jojoba oil and then applied the Jelle` to my hair. It felt good going on. And made my hair dry in record time. However, when I wake up the luster disappeared. It was dry and  dull looking. I thought I wasted my gift card money on this. 

I decide to retry it. I washed then applied leave-in conditioner and sealed with Jojoba oil and let my hair air dry. While its damp (no water dripping) I did small twists in my hair using the Jelle Styler and this is when I loved it. My hair clumped together and hair smoothed down so no frizz. Also it's been 3 days since my twist and my hair still soft to the touch. I just need to moisturize the ends tonight and rock a twist out or an up-do tomorrow.  

Overall it's a good product. It was also good at laying down my edges. Would I repurchase with my own money? Maybe not. $16.99 for 4oz is a little expensive for me. However Entwine have sales pretty often so you have to keep your eyes open. If they have sales I will repurchase. 

I will be doing styles and post pics with this product soon. Who knows, maybe I'll love it to the point where the cost doesn't bother me. 

None greasy light cream. Minimize frizz. Lock in moisture and provide hold.  It made my hair dry quickly and less shrinkage than I am used to. Definitely a plus. 

The price. $16.99 for 4oz and about $30 for the 8oz. 

Like them on Facebook to see when they will have sales and to get more info on their product. www.entwinecouture.com

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  1. Nice review! I purchased this product, Creme De La Mold, Exotique Butter Cream a while ago, and was not impressed when I used the butter cream and styler together. However, I like the styler with other moisturizers. It provides great definition. I recently recieved and have been trying the Aphrodisia 9 Leave in Potion, so far a really like it. You are right abouot the price, but they have $10 days, so I took advantage of that and purchased a styler and several bottles of the leave in.


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