Natural Hair is Fly!!

Natural Hair is FLY!!

Natural hair is FLY! But did I need to say it? We naturalistas know this, those considering to go natural knows this, 'most' men knows this, even permed haired and caucasian girls know it. Shoot, EVERYBODY knows this. Haha!

8 out of 10 times when we see a natural hair sister we turn our heads. Whether she is rocking an Afro, roll tuck and pin, braid out, cornrows or whatever; she is NOTICED. Doesn't it feel good? Being complimented on your Afro feels good because you know you did nothing to achieve it but wake up in the morning. And the good ole question every natural sista have been asked: 'how do you get your hair like that?' No combing or styling and our Natural Hair's Still FLY!

One thing about natural hair that never cease to amaze me is how versatile it is. On no two days does my hair look exactly the same. Every puff is different in length or size on any given day. The same for roll tuck and pins, twist outs, braid outs and Bantu knot outs. AND, if you feel to rock the straight look YOU CAN. Tell a relaxed hair girl to go rock an Afro. Lol! NOT!

I am not knocking relaxed hair or straight hair women. Everybody have their preferences and nobody's choice is better than the other girl. Personally I prefer my natural hair in its kinky texture as it grows from my scalp. Since my big chop. I have fell in love with my hair's texture and the honeymoon is still going strong.

You know your Natural Hair is Fly right?


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