Homemade Body Scrub

Get Glowing Skin for Your 4th of July Bash with a Red, White and Blue Homemade Body Scrub

By Michelle of Skana Spa of New York Resort 

Summer is not only the perfect season for patio dining, pool parties and fun-filled beach getaways; it is also the time when skincare matters most. The same UV rays that give you that golden summer glow are powerful enough to cause premature aging, leaving you with unwanted dryness, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles. If you want to show up to your Fourth of July BBQ with a soft, radiant look that family and friends will remember, revitalize your skin with a refreshing Red, White and Blue Body Scrub that can be made right in your own home.

Below, is an easy DIY treatment inspired by the Skana Spa of New York resort, Turning Stone.  To create this festive and ultra-hydrating scrub, you will need to gather a few basic supplies, most of which might already be stocked in your kitchen.  

These supplies include:

• 10 strawberries
• Handful of raspberries or blackberries
• Handful of blueberries
• ¼ baby oil
• ½ cup brown or cane sugar
• 1-cup fine sea salt
• Strainer
• Blender
• Paring knife
• Cutting board

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How To Prepare!
Once you have the ingredients and supplies ready, begin preparing the scrub by removing all stems and leaves from the strawberries.  Next, place your red and blue berries in the strainer and carefully rinse until they are free of all dirt and possible pesticides.  After the berries have been washed, place them in the blender along with the oil, sugar and salt.  Blend the mixture until thoroughly pureed and place in a tightly-sealed jar until you are ready to use.

Now Enjoy!
The Red, White and Blue Body Scrub is the perfect way to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin after soaking in the sun’s hot summer rays.  Not only is this scrub all natural and free of harsh chemicals, but it is full of vitamins and nutrients the skin needs to regenerate after damaging sun exposure.  Strawberries and raspberries deliver a healthy dose of skin-brightening vitamin A, while blackberries and blueberries provide a massive supply of wrinkle-fighting antioxidants.

Whether you will be hosting or attending a celebration this Fourth of July season, this convenient yet luxurious scrub has something to offer.  Hostesses will find that the scrub serves as a great party favor that beauty-conscious attendees will love.  If you want to look your best when greeting family and friends this holiday, take the time to nourish your skin with the natural ingredients of the Red, White and Blue homemade Body Scrub.

Do you make homemade skin treatments?


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