Bath Bombs Review

Basin Store (Miracle Mile Las Vegas)

Hey Guys!

So I recently went to Las Vegas and found and fell in love with an organic body and bath store called Basin. While walking through the Miracle Mile Shops I stopped at this lovely store. It smelled so great and you can try everything (lotions, washes, bombs, scrubs, etc). At guys, everything in this place is organic.

Bath Bombs

I have never tried Bath Bombs before. The sales associate introduced me to these lovely things and she made me try some in a bowl of water. The balls fizzle when dropped in water hence the reason why they call it 'Bath Bombs'. When I washed my hands in the bath water my hands actually felt moisturized. Seeing this, I had to buy one to try in my hotel room. I couldn't wait to go back to the hotel and get my soak on. Lol!

Soaking in a moisture filled bath thanks to the Bath Bombs!

I made a bath of water with a little of the hotel shower gel for bubbles and then I dropped the bath bomb in the water. It started to fizzle really quickly. It was pretty cool actually. The bathroom suddenly smelled so good. I was ready to jump in.

After about 5 mins in the hot bath I was very relaxed and my skin felt soft. The aroma from these bath bombs are to die for. You couldn't tell me I wasn't at a spa. My boyfriend put some music on for me and left me to soak for about an hour. These balls add essential oils and moisture to any bath water. I enjoyed the  'ME' time and loved how my body felt enveloped in moisture. I didn't want to get out.

When I got out and dried off I couldn't help but notice how my soft my skin felt and it glowed. I did not need to lotion. We went walking on the Vegas strip afterwards and I realized my skin wasn't dried out. Trust me it was 105 degrees when we were in Vegas (scorching hot) so I walked with a travel size lotion all the time. But I did not need it.

I am very impressed by these bath bombs so I went back and bought a bath bomb barrel that you fill up with 6 small bombs. I also bought 2 large size oatmeal bombs. I tried the body scrub while in the store and I was very impressed at how soft it left my hands. Even my boyfriend was shocked that hours after his hands were still soft. I can only imagine how that would make my body feel. However they only have big sizes and we went to Vegas with carry on luggage only. So, we couldn't buy any.

Basin does not have stores all over the country but they do have a website. So I plan to order the scrub myself. Their prices are very reasonable. This store remind me of that body store called Lush. However Lush is super expensive for no reason. Basin is all organic which I love and very reasonable so I can a lot more for my money.

Visit their website to see what they have and order some goodies from the site. You will be happy with the price and variety of products.


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