Product Review: nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioner

nuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioner

Product: nuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioner
Where To Buy: Walmart and Walgreens or
Price:  $5.99
Size: 10.1oz

Product Claims: It infuses moisture into dry, limp locks.  The Green Keratin and other nutritious agents ensure maximum hydration and flexibility, providing complete protection from future damage.  Hair is more flexible and shiny.  Ideal for hair that has been straightened, dyed, exposed to environmental pollutants and continually blow-dried or ironed.   Can be used daily.  Also recommended for those who have professionally relaxed/straightened hair to keep hair at its best between touch-ups.  Sodium chloride free.

Key Ingredients:
Green Keratin - an active ingredient derived from soybean, corn and wheat proteins that deeply adheres to hair fibers, promoting incredibly smooth hair through heat action. The result is strong, highly nourished hair that improves flexibility and shine.

My Thoughts:
First I must say I have used Keratin products before and it leaves my hair dry; but not this conditioner. The NAAT Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioner is mostly used by women with relaxed/straight hair but that doesn’t mean us Natural Chicas should shove it aside. Oh NO! This conditioner helped me to minimize frizz. Also, on the days when we decide to blow dry our hair; it’s the perfect product to grab beacause it contain Keratin. Keratin is a protein that strengthens our hair helps to keep your hair straight.

When I first tried this conditioner I was thrilled at the slip it had. And as I said above Keratin products are never normally moisturizing. I worked it through my hair and detangled. The bottle said to let it sit for 2mins but I let it sit for about 15. When I rinsed my hair, it was amazingly soft. After a week of using it I am realizing that my hair feel stronger and I see less hair in my detangling comb.
If I chose to blow dry my hair then I follow up with the NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor.

  • Slip from this conditioner is Amazing
  • Bottle is large at 10oz and ONLY cost $5.99. That looks like GOLD!! Lol!
  • Strengthen the hair and help to keep it straight/stretched with the aid of the active ingredient Green Keratin

  • Absolutely NONE!

I absolutely loved this this conditioner. The price is just lovely and the slip is great. It really did what it promises. It left me with soft and manageable hair.

Have you ever tried ever tried products from nuNaat? If not, Check them out. They have different lines of hair products.


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