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Welcome and Thank You

Shelly GlamNaturalLife
Welcome & Thank You

Hey Loves! 

Welcome to Glam Natural Life! Here I  will take you on my journey to longer healthier natural hair and natural living while sharing other bits and pieces of my life.  

On this blog you will find articles on natural hair tips, natural hair styles, product reviews, fashion, and health and wellness articles including nutritious foods, skin care, etc. Go ahead and look around.

My number one goal is to encourage our women to love themselves as God created us. I strive to encourage (not force) all women to wear their natural hair and love themselves as well as to feed our minds with positive thoughts and feed our bodies with natural foods. 

I encourage you to have conversations on this blog and if you have questions or just need support then leave comments or email me and I will always respond. 

To My Long Time Supporters and avid readers - Thank You! You know I love yah!

Stay tune for more articles. I publish new posts every week. To never miss a blog post Sign up to the Newsletter. Click Here To Signup For Newsletter. Also check out the Youtube Channel.

Until next time, Be Well and Speak Positivity into your life!
~Love Shelly 


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  2. Lemon water is great! I try and drink a cup of warm lemon water every morning to help detox. I find that water is a little too plain sometimes and I've also started adding all kinds of fruit to my water. I love blueberries, mint and sometimes I'll add a little Stevia because I grow it in my backyard. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get your daily water consumption in!


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