The Issues with Natural Hair Typing

My Issues With Natural Hair Typing!

So something have been bothering me that I have to address. The obsession with hair typing in the natural hair community truly irritates me. 

I personally think that natural hair typing is another way to class women's hair on a scale of good or bad. If a woman's hair is nappy (4Cs) as they call it, they are encouraged to do something to it so it's more curly. I sometimes feel like we are back to where we started from - thinking that the closer we are to white the better we are. Hence why biracial women are more considered to have good hair than say me who have nappy hair. But guess what, they can think what they want but I Got That Good Black African Hair. Yes Ma'am! With it's many kinks, curls, curves and all - that is my good hair. We all have good hair.

Girls are constantly obsessed with getting a curlier natural hair pattern and are sometimes chastised for wearing their hair as it is in its natural state. Like seriously, is something wrong with her natural hair texture? Not everyone want to maintain a twist-out or braid out or wash and go. Not everyone want to force a looser curl pattern (so called good hair). Just let women be. Let them enjoy their hair. Regardless of what texture they have it's hers'. Let her love it.

It sickens me when I am shopping for hair product and the site says 'choose your hair type'. Then you see all these numbers 3a to 4c. Ummm, My Natural Hair Type Is Black Hair....where do I click? Also, most of us have more than one hair texture on our head. Products should be selected on your hair's need not your hair's texture. I once brought up the topic to a friend and she explained that she can't use 4C hair products because her hair is 3B and those products leave her hair limp and weighed down. I had to correct her and let her know that the amount of that product she used is what weighed her hair down. It's called common sense. You should use what your hair needs.

So that is my rant for today guys! I had to get it off my chest an on paper - now this blog. I want to encourage you women to not allow these charts and categories to define you and let you feel any lesser of your natural hair type or to feel any better of yours than anybody else's. Know that your Black natural hair is unique; it comes in many shape and form and truly the most versatile hair type. Love it and love yourself. 

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Peace & Love!


  1. I have so many different textures. My hair hasn't been relaxed in at least 5 yrs. Normallly I keep it braided or ponytail daily.

  2. I agree! I love my hair and every type under the sun is in my head :o) i cared when I first went natural bc that's all I heard people talk about. It didn't take me long to realize that as long as I take care of it, it's fine. I love it whether it's in fro form or whatever mood it's in. It's mine!

  3. Same here Kenya . I took everything for bible when I first went natural. But learning to care for our hair jack to do with hair type. Just love it, treat it good and go on with your life. All this hair typing mess not necessary. Natural hair is really simple, no need to complicate it with categories and rules and regulations. My opinion


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