Juka's Organic Natural Hair Food Product Review

Juka's Organic Natural Hair Food

Recently I have been trying a new hair product and I just have to share with you. It's the Juka's Organic Natural Hair Food. Its a moisturizing butter that promises to "instantly helps soften & tame rough textures leaving hair very soft, manageable, hydrated, moisturized, polished & smooth". See below for the review:

My Thoughts!
I like to use products exclusively for at least 2 weeks before reviewing. This way I can I can give a more effective and accurate review. So did it live up to it's promised? It sure did. More than I even expected. Looking at the ingredients list, I was pleasantly please to see oils that I am very familiar with and love such as Shea butter, jojoba oil, grape-seed oil, sweet almond oil.....just to name a few. My first impression was that, this is a perfectly whipped Shea butter mix. However, it's very different than any Shea based products I have tried before.

Shea butter mixes are mostly used on top of your moisturizer to work as a sealant. This is not your average Shea butter mix. My hair sucked it up so quick and was super soft almost instantly. You have to try this fit yourself.

It stood up to its name Natural Hair Food. After I washed my hair, I applied this product to my hair with no other product and it literally gave my hair life. My hair was so soft and shiny. Also, my hair stay moisturized for a long time. On dry hair it was also doing a great job and refreshing the life of my hair. I love it. This product is also a great products for my Braidouts. The definition that I get when my hair is dry is lovely and my hair remain oh so soft. It's my best product for braid out so far.

  • Leaves hair super soft and moisturized
  • Hair stays moisturized and shiny days after application
  • No other product needed
  • Great for curl definition from twist out and braid outs 
  • Smell great
  • Little goes a long way

  • I only wish I could go grab it in Target stores. But soon I am sure they will have more retailers. This stuff is great. 

Where to buy:

Price: $14.99
To receive a 15% discount on your first order use this coupon code: SPECIAL15ALL

Definitely recommend this product for all hair type! You will love it!


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  2. Thank you!


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