Taste Of Motherhood

Derrick Vincent Jr. (DJ)

On December 23rd, I gave birth to my lovely son and got my first taste of motherhood as he looked at me for the first time. My life was about to change forever but for the better. 

Everyday during my hospital stay I would look at every finger, toe, wrinkle and facial expressions in disbelief that I now own a person. A person that I instantly fell in love with and one who will get my love unconditionally until I am old and gray and took my last breath. I love this little boy with all my being.

Where is the Baby Manual?
On Christmas Day they released us from the hospital. I was happy to be home with my baby and enjoy motherhood. I was given tons of papers and booklets on how to care for myself as I recover. I believe I was given instructions on how to clean baby and care for his umbilical cord and circumcision. However they forgot to give me a very important piece of document. A real baby manual. Like Seriously!

So, we get home and DJ started crying (more like bawling) and Derrick and I looked at each other and wondered what do we do now. I didn't have my red button on my bed to press for help. There were no nurses to hand him off to. This is when the light bulb really went off that we are now parents. Parents figure it out and so will we. 

Keeping Sane!
Most of my close friends will tell you that I am a worrier. Every problem that arose had me going crazy. Keeping sane was a challenge. Even with my husband assuring me all will be well. Dealing with rapid DJ's rapid weight loss, gas, colic and a slew of other baby woes; I was on the verge of being mad. But you have to catch yourself and snap out of it. Motherhood is not for the weak, and going mad is not going to help you. Now I am getting a better hang of things.

Support is key!
Having support with a newborn is very important. I did not understand before hand how crucial that is. Thank god for my husband because this motherhood thing is rough. I give major props to single mothers roughing it on their own. I cannot imagine how crazy that is. I have Derrick full time for weeks and it still feel like it's not enough help.

I have great friends and family as well - thank God. In the first two weeks exhaustion is all we knew. However we had friends and family who came over and brought dinner, did laundry and scolded us to go to sleep. That is what we needed. Some real good sleep - undisturbed. Now we have a sleep schedule and things are a lot better.

DJ and his daddy playing!

Motherhood is rewarding!
Motherhood is not easy but it is fun and rewarding and I look forward to growing and being better. I hope you don't mind me dragging you on my journey of motherhood and parenting. Let me know if you would like more posts on updates of DJ and my continued journey.

See yah until my next post!


  1. Lol, this is so cute! Your little boy is so handsome!! Congratulations to motherhood. One day I'll be there, lol ;)

  2. You're definitely going to need a simpler hair routine with a newborn, my sister has a newborn and she just shaved it all off because she said she didn't have time to do it anyway. This would be a great time to try something different or protective styling, maybe not shave it all off but you get the idea lol.

  3. Thanks Babe! You will!


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