Nubian Hair Studio In The Heart of the Bronx

Nubian Hair Studio In the Heart of The Bronx!

Who said you have to search far and wide for a good natural hair salon in New York City? Right here in the heart of the Bronx I found Nubian Hair Studio. I had my hair done a few weeks ago and I had such a great experience - I have to share. This post is a long one, so bare with me. But trust me, you need to read it all.

My hair was in a really bad state and needed professional hands. From being pregnant and having no energy to being a new mom with a new job - I was beat. My hair was neglected in the process. After much research, I called Nubian Hair Studio and made an appointment.The professionalism was instantly recognized over the phone and held true from when I stepped through the door to when I paid and walked out. I did not get paid to write this review and I can say I will recommend them to everyone. I spent my hard earned money to get my hair treated and it was very well spent.

What I Had Done
I wanted my hair to be washed, treated, trimmed and straightened. More than anything, I wanted my hair to get some long over due TLC. Before doing anything with my hair, the stylist/owner Alicia asked about my regimen. She wanted to understand what I have been doing to my hair and how I care for it. I appreciated that consultation because it shows that they want to understand your hair and treat it accordingly. From the shampoo session to the hair straightening, she explained what products she is using and why and also shared many hair tips with me. I felt like I was getting a mini hair education while getting my hair done. This is what a hair salon should be about - Hair Care Education.

Hair After Blow-dried on Cool

WOW Factor
I did a steam session and OMG, I need one of these steamers at home - if only the husband would allow it. My hair was like 'butta' when I came out. The steam engulfed my whole head and you could feel the pores in my scalp and face open wide. It was my first steamer experience and I enjoyed it. She also explained that this is truly the first step of heat protectant before we get the hair straightened. To be honest, after I ran my fingers through my hair and felt how luscious it felt, I did not care for the straightening anymore. I wanted to keep the spongy, cottony hair. It was heaven.

But then she straightened it, and I LOVED IT!! I could tell how light and soft my hair felt. However I definitely noticed how badly damaged my ends were. So she gave me a very needed trim. A lot of us natural girls do not go to the salon to get a trim in fear of stylists who are 'scissors happy' - so we do it ourselves. But I now believe that it's best to get a stylist to take over that process.

Then I was Sad
Hair Reverted VERY QUICKLY

My straight hair did not last long. The day I went to the salon had to be the hottest day in history. By the time I got to the car, the front of my hair started to revert. By the time I got home, it made no sense taking photos again. I wanted the straight hair to last longer but I was not super upset. My hair was very well taken care of and treated and I know it is healthier than when I stepped into Nubian Hair Studio. I wore ponytails and buns to work the entire time it was straight because the ends reverted. I did enjoy the ease of putting my hair into a ponytail and rushing out the door. My hair reverted nicely after I washed my hair out and feels so healthy. There is not one strand that suffered heat damage.

Invest In Your Crown
My tip for you is to 'Invest In Your crown'. I was asked on Facebook about how much I paid to wash and straighten my hair and I disclosed that. However I did other things like trims and steam session. Someone commented saying that is a crazy amount of money. She went on to advise that the Dominican Salons charge $31 to do everything. I will say this, if you want to get your hair fried and damaged and say good bye to your curls for good, then go and get it cheap at the Dominican corner salon. If you want your hair to be cared for properly and not have heat damage then you need 'real stylists' who understands natural hair. And if you live in the New York area, or visiting, then call or visit the Nubian Hair Studio to get a consultation and an appointment

Nubian Hair Studio
767 E 169th St Bronx, New York
Phone: +(718) 378-0800


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