How To Prevent Product Buildup In Locs

Product build-up is one of the biggest issues that a lot of Kings and Queens with locs faces. However, preventing product build-up in your locs is not as hard as it might seem. I want to share with you, my regimen, which is 100% geared towards preventing product build-up in my locs.

Cleaning Your Locs Thoroughly
This is the number one and most important tip to prevent product build-up. Cleaning your locs is not just shampooing and rinsing. Each step of your wash process should be deliberate and with a purpose.

Below is a video showing how I wash my hair and what I use:

Pre-washing is vital in my opinion. Your washing machine or dishwasher have a pre-wash setting. I don’t think washing my locs should be any different. I wet my hair thoroughly then spray my Dr. Locs Pre-cleanse on my hair and scalp then massage it in. If you do not have a pre-cleanse solution then make your own with apple cider vinegar, a little shampoo and water. Spray this on your locs and scalp then massage it in. This allow all the dirt and products since your last wash to be broken down. Shampoo your locs twice and make sure you rinse out ALLthe product from your locs.

Cleanse your locs regularly
I wash my hair often and I never go more than two weeks without a good cleanse. Clean locs IS healthy locs. Even if you have starter locs, you should still wash regularly- regardless of the myth that you shouldn’t wet your hair. Dirt DOES NOT lock your hair - I have no idea why some people believe that it does.

Choose products wisely
The key to never having product build-up, is to choose products that are water soluble. Products like gels, pastes and waxes tend to cause build up in locs. I am not a gel person but I know some people uses them and swear by them - see what work for you. STAY AWAY from waxes - of any kind.

Personally my key styling products for locs are oils, my DIY moisturizing spray, and Dr. Locs Imani Locking Spray. Heavy oils like castor oil tend to cause buildup if it’s not washed out properly so I recommend mixing it with a lighter oil like jojoba.

So, there you have it. These are my three tips to preventing product buildup in locs.

Please comment below and share how do you prevent buildup in your locs.


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