Overwhelmed & Just Need to Scream

Photo Credit: Cristian Newman

Ok, it cannot just be me who goes through this from time to time. I have been completely overwhelmed lately with a million things happening and I just want to scream; and when I stop, everything is back in its place and it can be hinky-dory again.

Is peace, structure and success too much to ask for?

Photo Credit: Cristina Gottardi
These past few weeks have me looking a hot mess and I am just frazzled. My house, desk and mind is showing that I might be losing it. But the Devil will not win....just watch and see 😁. I have more projects at work on top of my already packed plate. "Project Manager Life....you know how that is". I am going through the process of applying to independent schools for my 4yr old and its just a lot. Mommies who are school shopping can relate.
Photo Credit: Alfons Morales

Thennnnn.....as if I didn't have enough going on, I launched my online store GlamNaturalLife Shop of graphic tees. Also trying to scale up my YouTube channel. Entrepreneur life is not easy.....don't be fooled....BUT DO NOT GIVE UP! 

"There is no gain without pain" they say right? Basically I have a lot of windows open that NEED to stay open. I just need to manage how I move from one to the other without running myself dry.

There is a bright side. Trust me there is. I am telling myself this (aloud) as I write: "There is a bright side". For me, the bright side is that this IS a learning opportunity and success is coming. I am learning how to multi-task on steroids, how the online business work, and how to have faith and stand firm and believe in what I set out to do.

Also, I am finding a best friend in myself and she is AWESOME. People might think I am crazy, but talking to myself out aloud in the shower in a real conversation with the successful woman inside me is the therapy that I need. You should try it.

Comment Below and tell me if I am just a crazy mad woman or if you can relate.


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