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It is with a grateful heart that I come to you today with this blog post of gratitude and self reflection. I am very humbled by what I am about to share. We are all really busy people and sometimes progress and growth and love and support can go over our heads and we don’t even even see it. We are so busy to the point where we do not even get to stop and look at our growth, our awesomeness and the support of others that got us there.

I am writing this post today to express a really big thank you to you ladies and gents who have supported this blog, my YouTube channel, the new online store of graphic tees and jewelry and have slowly become friends and my cool ‘fam bam’.

I went on a hiatus in 2014 from blogging and YouTube when I was pregnant and just really had no energy and then joined motherhood with a new job. By no means am I making excuses for slacking on being a content creator. However I want to somewhat explain why there have only been splashes of my posts and videos here and there versus consistency.

With that being said, you guys stood with me and supported my revived YouTube channel and have supported my Online Store. Last year this time I had 500 YouTube subscribers and now I am way over 3,000 with some videos with 10k to 300k views. And my online store traffic have increased tremendously. What was a thought turned into a business venture. I just want to take this time to simply say THANK YOU.


I am sorry for the long post and rant but it’s important to me that you, my blog readers, YouTube viewers and customers know that I appreciate YOU. Just for you, please enjoy a 15% off code (GLAMNATURALLIFE) at the online store 

Shelly 💋 ​


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