Future of Our Little Natural Girls

The Future of Our Little Girls!

Looking back at my childhood I don't remember ever having a doll that looked like me or anything close. I remember my favorite doll named Laura - that was a hand me down from my sister - was white with brunette hair and blue eyes. I idolized Laura. I was given many dolls as a child; none of which were black. I am not even sure I ever saw one till I was much older. 

I am not weird for saying this because you girls can admit it. You wanted to look like your favorite doll. You wanted your hair to be straight like her and comb with ease. You were never taught that your hair is pretty. Oh no! Wash day was like the devil stepped in. Lol!

Look back in time for a second, did you ever go outside your house with an afro? Hell no. If you had your hair out in an afro that meant that your either about to get a wash or about to go sit between mommy or your sisters lap for a hair style. Admit it. Just imagine the looks you would get on a Sunday walking into church with a twist out. The pastor won't preach. Lol. 

But look at the future of your little girls now. I will feel good having a daughter in today's world. Yes the world is crazier but that's why I might be super paranoid but I think a girl's perception of herself is better now than when we were younger. A child's first toy is precious. Especially if you limit the abundance of toys. Having a doll that looks like you is good. Giving a little girl their first doll that has long blond hair with blue eyes should be a thing of the past. 

If you have a daughter you have to tattoo it in her head how beautiful she is, how great she is, how precious her black skin is, how natural and pure she is. She should be taught that hair is not what make you and to love your hair's versatility and power. Our hair type is the only type that go from very kinky to straight and back whenever we feel like it. Our hair is not inferior but quite the opposite. There should be no situation that you have control of that should make her feel inferior. None! You ready your child for the judgement world because someone will try to say negative things to her. 

Take a look at the media. Commercials more and more are using girls with natural fros now than before. Recently I went to Target and my boyfriend started pointing out the natural hair kids on the banners as we move from isle to isle. I loved it. We did not experience that as a child. However I am happy things are changing for the little girls to come. 

Agree or disagree?


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