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Moisturize Natural Hair (using LOC Method)

The LOC Method

Hey Loves!

Keeping our hair moisturized is a challenge for most of us - including myself. We wash then moisturize our hair but the next day or so it is screaming ‘Moisturize me please!’ Haven’t you wondered how can I moisturize my hair and keep it moisturized? I am sure you have. I have experimented with different methods and realize that the L.O.C. method works best for me. Everyone’s hair is different so you have to experiment with your own hair and see what works for you.

So what is this L.O.C. method you ask?

This is the order in which you apply products when moisturizing your hair to lock in moisture and adds an extra layer of moisture to the hair. First start with a Liquid (L) product like a leave in or plain water (adding moisture), followed by an Oil (O) to seal in the moisture you just added then lastly apply a Cream (C) based product  or a butter as an extra layer of moisture and sealant. .

If you haven't tried this yet, I say let the experiment begin. Lol!

Below is a little chart I made to help you:
LOC Method

What are your thoughts on the L. O. C. Method? Have you tried it? Do you like it?


  1. I have a question! :) is this something u would do before you pineapple hair at night? Or something you do in the morning? That's the only thing that confuses me, thank you :)

    1. Hi Latoya,

      The LOC method is the order in which you moisturize your hair. I normally moisturize at night when i am retwisting or pineappling to set my hair at night. Most nights i dont need to do this because the purpose of the LOC method is to really moisturize and seal in that moisture. So you will find that you dont need to remoisturize every single night. Just pineapple or twist and go to bed. Moisturize as you see fit. feel your hair and know if it needs moisture or not. If its soft then do not add produst. Less build up for you.

      So, I spritz my hair with water or my DIY hair mist. Click here to see what I mix together:
      This is the (L) part of the LOC Method.

      Then I add some oil to seal in the moisture. (O) part of the LOC Method.
      Then I add a cream like the Shea Moisture Smoothie to moisture and seal even further. (C) part of the LOC Method.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I am going to try this method tonight. I was just asking for tips on how to keep your hair from drying out. I love the definition the eco styler gel gives my hair but it dries it out and it feels brittle.

  3. Hey Tanesha,

    Let me know how it turned out after trying the LOC method. Your hair should stay moisturized longer.

    Girl I agree with you on Eco Styler. It gives banging definition but leaves my hair dry and brittle too - like Scotch Brite. Lol!

    To combat that you have to put something under the Eco styler gel and on top of it. So when I do a braid out its done on moisturized hair (using the LOC method) always. After that I apply the Eco styler to my section to braid - making sure I am not using too much. Then I add a light film of oil on top. This prevents the flaking and the crunchy brittle feel I would otherwise get.

    Try it and let me know how it works out for you, ok?

  4. Can you use the souffle if you do not have the smoothie or is it best to just use a cream?


    1. Hey Hun! The Souffle and the Smoothie are two different types of hair product. The smoothie is a hair moisturizer and the souffle is a styling agent to hold curls and seal in moisture as it has the coconut oil in it. You have to use a Cream.

  5. Can I mix my water & oil in a spray bottle to use and then add my moisturizer?

    1. Yes you can mix water and oil in a spray bottle and then add moisturizer. Personally I would add some aloe Vera juice and a little honey to that spray bottle too. Try it and see how your hair responds.

  6. I have natural hair and the loc method sounds good but really not sure how to do . My question is do you wash out or can you leave in and often do you wash your hair. Can you do this method at night.

    1. You do not wash this out. I wash my hair weekly or biweekly. You can do this method whenever it's time to moisturize your hair. Night, washday, anytime.

  7. Dose the cream close the hair shaft?

    1. Yes the cream further seals in moisture and close/smooths cuticles of your hair hair shaft

  8. You do not wash this out. I wash my hair weekly or biweekly. You can do this method whenever it's time to moisturize your hair. Night, washday, anytime.


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