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Highly Recommended Products for Locs!

OBIA Naturals Hair Care GIVEAWAY!! [CLOSED]

Hey loves! It's GIVEAWAY time!

I am hosting a giveaway of the OBIA products I reviewed last month. I love these products and wanted one of my readers to get the opportunity to try them as well. You will love them!

Click Here for a review of the products!

A package of 4 brand new full size products will be sent to ONE lucky winner by the OBIA Natural Hair Company.

You Will Receive:

  • CurlMoisture Cream
  • Curl Hydration Spray
  • Curl Enhancing Custard
  • Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar

OBIA is a Natural hair company that makes ONLY all natural hair products. Their products do what they say on the label. They moisturize, seal,  hold and define your curls. I love them and you will too.

  1. Like Glam Natural Life Facebook page
  2. In the comment section submit your name and email address
  3. Also please tell me how do you moisturize your hair. Do you use the L.O.C. method?
  4. Like OBIA Naturals on Facebook:
  5. Sorry, Only those with US addresses can enter this giveaway***

To find out more about OBIA please: 

Giveaway will be open for 7days and end March 26th at 11:59pm. Good Luck Guys!!!!


  1. I do the LOC method. My email is

  2. Krystal and my email is I usually leave out the O, unless it's a light oil, my hair is ok without oil.

  3. I do the LOC method as well I have found that with the hardwater I have to deal with being stationed overseas it best for me. My email address:

  4. Giveaway Entry:
    Kimberly Jefferson

    I do currently use the LOC method, using Cantu Shea Butter Leave In, a mixture of coconut and castor oil, and Bella Butters Whipped Shea Butter. I'm still trying to perfect this method though and find products to work with it :).

  5. Nia Smith

    I currently do more of an O-L-C to moisturize.

  6. I use to do the LOC method in the first year of my big chop. I use to apply oil (on edges) and butter (on ends) after I apply my leave in. Now I only apply a cream leave in, dont really need to seal with oil, then apply eco styler gel to style. At the end of the day, I do separate my curls with coconut oil then twist, wrap it up pin it down and start all over again. I cowash every day.

  7. Shane Gordon

    Yes, I do the LOC Method...I've tried kimmaytube mix....I tried just using a leave in... but I find like do my simple method of coconut oil water and shea butter mix is the best for me.

  8. Kendra Jackson
    I use the loc method

  9. I use the L.O.C. method. Water, JoJoba oil, and my styling aid. Selena Adderley

  10. My name is Juwania, and my email address is I use a homemade spritz of distilled water, oils, and a leave in, to add moisture, and I also use the L.O.C. method.

  11. I use the LOC method... My email is

  12. I use the LOC method also. Sometimes I have to have a heavy cream in order to make it work right, but when it does it keeps my hair moisturized as long as it is in a protective style. My email address is

  13. LaWanda S ( I use the LOC method or sometimes, cream before the oil.

  14. Peace, I'm Jacqueline Warren. I also use the LOC Method. My email address is

  15. Hello, I'm Veronica Pearman and my email is I moisturize my hair with Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Souffle. Thank you!

  16. My name is Zanthea Demeterius and my email address is And yes, I use the L.O.C. Method to moisturize my hair.

  17. Sabrina I do only the l and c part of the loc method

  18. My name is Shelly and my email address is I use the LOC method to moisturize my hair.

  19. Desiree A.

    I'm currently playing around with ways to moisturize my hair some days some methods work better than others but I always do a variation of the LOC method. On wet hair, I'm currently doing oil, liquid, cream, oil.

  20. I use LC (of LOC)....


  21. Name: Tara
    I use BlackOnyx's L.O.C. method: Liquid, oil, cream. I use water(L), an oil mixture (O) (castor, grape seed, EVOO, coconut oil), Giovanni Direct leave-in (C).

  22. Name: Aly

    I moisturize with a water-based product then seal with an oil or butter in the morning and night.

  23. I use a variation of the LOC method to moisturize, instead LCO.
    Shirley Kirby

  24. I use the LOC method the majority of the time but sometimes only use a conditioner spray followed by a cream. Feron Floyd

  25. Samantha

  26. I use the LOC method.

  27. Michelle Williams

    I use the LOC method... the best results! :-)

  28. Name is Tish and email address is and I use the LOC method.


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