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Healthy All Natural Snack: Edamame

Say Hello to my new snack: Edamame (pronounced as 'eh-dah-MAH-may')

Lately I have been fighting with my scale because it keep showing me these high numbers and really not being my friend right now. I have decided to try to live healthier and then I am sure the scale will show lower numbers and maybe we can be friends again. My first meal to attack is SNACKING! I snack way too often and not with the right foods. My choice of snacks are cookies and biscuit, bubble teas (milk and no milk), nuts and dear I say it -Chocolate! Not good choices obviously (minus the nuts). So I decide to change up my snack habits and felt like sharing with you guys.

So what is Edamame?

Edamame is a Soybean that is harvested at the peak of ripeness while its still green. This soybean variety has long been consumed in Asian countries such as Japan and China. In recent years the health benefit of this vegetable have caught the attention of Americans and now its a snack that the health-conscious reaches for.

Does it really have health benefits?

Girls, I have done my research - because Shelly would not be snacking on greens for no reason. Edamame is packed with  Antioxidants and rich in Protein and Vitamin (C, B). In addition, I will be increasing my Fiber intake by snacking on this soybean. Why not eat crunchy beans that are healthy and delicious than eating fatty high calorie snacks that does no good to my body? 

Health foods stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have discovered the health benefits of edamame and now carry them in their stores. Wholesale stores like Costco and BJ's now have them in the freezer sections in big portions. Last weekend I bought a big 12 pack bag of edamame at Costco for ONLY $10.

 Does it Taste Green and Yucky?

Edamame have to be cooked. I WOULD NOT eat raw beans. Add unopened beans into a pot of boiling water. After about 5 mins, drain off hot water and rinse in cold water. I sometimes just eat as is or add salt then throw in a Ziploc bag or container and off I go. 

**Please note that you ONLY eat the beans inside - not the pods. Just squeeze the pods and the beans pop right out.

I love this as a snack and think it jump starts my healthy eating. I aim to live a healthier lifestyle and befriends with the scale again. My next move is to add green smoothies to my diet.  Hope you guys follow me on this journey to healthy living.

What do you reach for when you want to snack on something?


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