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Is Natural Hair Typing Necessary?

Is Hair Typing Necessary?

*Hair Typing chart copied from Google

If your natural for more than 3 months then you know about the hair typing chart. You probably already have identified yourself as a 3a,b,c hair type or a 4a,b,c hair type. But I have to ask, is hair typing necessary? Why can't I just say I have natural hair?

This is solely my opinion and I am not trying to say girls shouldn't identify with a hair type. However I think it's not necessary. I think it's another avenue for black women to class themselves better than others. I have heard women try so hard to not identify with 4c hair ('the courser or more coilier hair type' LOL). Its very sad. Do you hear Caucasian women walking around saying I have 1a or 2b type hair? They do not. Go ask your Caucasian friends or co-workers what hair type do they have. Go On! It won't be any numbers. TRUST ME!

So then I must ask. What about the girl who have a bunch of different hair textures running around on her head.  What does that make her? Personally, if I was to choose a type I would say 4C but then I would say and part 4B and 4A and even patches of 3C in there. Now you see where I am getting at? The front and back of my hair hangs and very much looser than the rest. Literally just water by itself give those patches curl definition. The nape is a 6A (if that type existed. Lol!). Its very course at my nape. The rest is a mixture of everything.  Hair typing is not necessary - in my humble opinion.

Now you have sites where you can shop products by hair type. Now this I thought was plain crazy. So are they pretty much saying that I should buy a product for each section? Are they saying this is a 3A or 3B product so you can't use it cause your hair is a 4C hair? Ummm, I think so. However they are very wrong. Girls please use what you like.

Then to top it off, there are people saying certain styles can't be done on certain hair types. Now that right there-------is a roll over and die with laughter kinda ting. Recently Jouelzy 
from YouTube made a video called Unrealistic Expectations of 4C hair. Ok-- so you know I got upset right. I won't even talk about it much. Overall she is really saying that girls with 4c hair can't do wash n'gos or do non-productive styles or this and that and the next. Yea the video upset me.  I am here to say that you can do EVERYTHING to your hair the next girl can. Will the results be the exact same thing? Of course not. You might need more or less bobby pins than the next girl or need more or less product but you can't say you can't rock the same style. Rock your hair sistas. Rock it!

Hair is hair. Just that and nothing more. It does not need a type or category. Your hair being 'Natural Hair' is enough. If you ask me now, what hair type are you? My answer is 'my hair type is Fabulous Natural Hair'. Sorry, I don't see no numbers roaming through my head.

Girls love yourself. Enjoy your natural hair journey because its yours to enjoy. Do not let anyone put you into a type box. Sorry but slavery done. Enjoy yourself. Use what you want. Style however you want. It's your hair!

How do you feel about Hair Typing? Do you think it is necessary?

Peace and Love Sistas!


  1. I just came across this and I have two words: say that!


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