Spa Day at the King Sauna Spa NJ

King Sauna Spa NJ

Last weekend was my birthday and my boyfriend treated me to a spa day. As scary as it seemed I chose a traditional Korean Spa versus the regular style spa that everybody is use to. Initially I considered Spa Castle in Queens NY as that is the only one I heard about. Then my boyfriend researched and suggested King Sauna Spa in NJ. I am so happy he did.

So why not Spa Castle? My biggest problem with Spa castle was that the reviews revealed that there are lots of kid running around and it's really a water park and maybe most suitable for families. I am sorry but I did not want to deal with tons of kids running around on my birthday. So King Sauna Spa was the big choice. Now this choice came with the biggest issue that my friends and I had to get our minds ready for: The Nudity. Yes girls, in the wet sauna (bathhouse) you cannot wear any clothes.

So Sunday at noon, with fear and excitement in the fore front our minds, my two friends and I headed out to Palisades Park NJ. Valet parking was easy and free (just tip). Checking in was easy as well. We signed up for a coupon on their site so our admission was $32 instead of $45. They gave us a watch with our number, towel and rag and our uniform (tee shirt and shorts) which were all one size fit all so don't go trying to be cute. You had to take shoes off at the entrance of the lockers and be barefoot until its time to go home. Asian culture I learned.

The place was clean. I liked that. They had saunas on almost ever floor. It's really a maze trying to figure out what was what as we weren't given a map. But it was fun. The craziest thing is that I put my glasses in the locker and only one of us were smart enough to wear contacts, so she was the guide reading the signs etc. lol! Was quite funny. Most saunas were communal and you are clothed. We actually thought the entire spa was naked naked naked. But no, it's just the wet spas. We enjoyed the saunas.

We had lunch in the restaurant and it was good. Well except the spicy tofu one of the girls got. She never liked that too much. Lol! The dumplings, seaweed soup and smoothies were really good. We rested in the rest area with leather recliners that were so so comfortable then headed to the salon. We had manicures and pedicures done for only $30 and I loved it. The foot massage is to die for. That woman left my foot feeling really good.

We then went for our body scrub and massage in the wet spa. Now in here you have to be Naked Naked Naked. No way around it. However after a few minutes the weirdness of the nakedness everywhere went away. The wet spa has 2 hot tubs, one cool and one cold. Also there is a mineral steam room that is very hot and took some getting used to.

Scrub and Massage Table

Now to the scrub and massage. They lay you on a table and scrubbed EVERYWHERE. No joke, lol! The stuff that woman scrubbed off of me was a crazy sight. Listen, this left me feeling as if I had never took a bath in my life. When she was done my skin felt so new. And the massage and facial that followed was like heaven. She grated cucumber and gave a really good facial. She put hot towels all over my body and squeezed every tension out of my body. She literally went on top of the table and use her knees to press into my calf muscles and back. It was intense but felt so good. And just when you thought it was all done, you feel her washing your hair and giving you a head massage. It was really really good. The body scrub and massage was $85 plus tax. You cannot beat that.

Now, my plan is to pamper myself more often. I don't do a lot of 'me time stuff'. That is about to change. Rejuvenating the body is good for your mind and body. Just lying in a sauna and letting the heat open your pores and soothes the body and resting the mind is a powerful thing. So King Sauna Spa, you will see me again.

I would recommend you trying it if you are in the NY/NJ area. Also there are shuttle buses from NYC that take you there for free and take you back. Visit their site

Do you pamper yourself often?


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