Love Your GlamNatural Self!

As black natural women we are different from the regular pack of women. However sometimes we don't portray or believe that. As black women we are powerful, we stand out, and can do so much more than we think we can. We are built to be strong mentally and physically. Just look back at slavery for a second. If Nanny of the Maroons was weak or didn't think highly of herself she would not be a celebrated woman today. Whenever you feel like you can't do something reflect on the strength of our ancestry women had. And let it give us hope and strength. 

One of the biggest  issue we women face as we try to embrace our natural self is 'self love'. Loving who we are as we are with natural hair is sometimes a challenge due to outside influences. We are often told that our hair is slave hair and sometimes asked 'why keep it like that?'. But what is 'slave hair'? Our natural hair is as how we were born from the womb. (Not chemically processed or altered). But think about it, if you depend on relaxers and weaves to make you pretty or acceptable to society, then are are you not a slave to that hair? So doesn't that mean that having chemically altered hair or extensions to make one feel better is really 'slave hair'. I am not bashing relaxed hair or weaves but when I hear these ignorant comments about natural hair I have to comment. 

Solange Knowles was once told on Twitter that if she 'put slap some relaxer in that hair she would look like a Dime Piece'. She responded saying that 'they should put some relaxer on their ignorant mouth'. Now I thought was the best response ever. 

I say to you girls, love your self first. Love who you are. Love your natural hair in its natural state. Love yourself and celebrate your natural being. Be glamorous in your own eyes FIRST. And guess what, that's all that matters. And what's better is that when you love and accept yourself as you are others will too. But that's just a bonus because we don't need acceptance from others to be glamorous. You ready are!

Love yourself and be GlamNatural!!


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