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Bad Natural hair day FIXED!

So, Saturday my boyfriend and I got invited to his boss's Bday brunch. The weather was hot and I felt like rocking a braid-out so I braided from the night before using my Entwine Cream Jelle Styler. Now, I thought my hair was going to be big and hella FLY! We were in a rush so after I unravel the braids I decide to fluff my hair in the car and do my makeup while the boo drove. THAT'S when I realize my hair had white residue EVERYWHERE. I was frustrated. I was mad. I was in the car with not much to work with. I tried to shake it off, rub rub rub and to no success because now I had a frizzy mess. But thank God I found 2 Bobby pins in my purse. I did two flat twist from the front to the back on both sides then pin up the back covering the ends of the twist with my bobby pin. The ends were all tucked in so the white mess on the ends were hidden. 

I loved the Entwine Cream Jelle Styler, but now I am thinking that product do not have a long shelf life. I only combined with oil which I have done before and never had this happen before. All in all, the flat twist up-do saved the day.

What is your go to style when you have a bad natural hair day?


  1. Nice style:) A wet bun is my goto style...I always feel like if I can wet it, I can style it.

    1. I love flat twists because its do easy and can look so well put together with minimal effort. I can't wait for my hair to be longer so I can do buns easily. Lol!

  2. Depends for me. If its a bad hair style normally I try putting it up some sort of way. Or rock a bun lol. But cute hair style. Saved the day thank goodness.

    Now do you keep extra hair supply stuff in the car just in case that happens again?

    1. All i had was 4 bobby pin in my purse and my fingers. Lol! no head band or nothing. I sorta always have at least one pin somewhere.


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