Low Manipulation Styling on Natural Hair

I am not a big fan of long protective styling even though I should be. I just feel like after a week of wearing them, I want to touch my hair again. Lol!

However, I do low manipulation styling on my natural hair instead. This is where you style your hair so that it can last for a few days and your ends - the weakest part of your hair- is tucked away. By doing low manipulation styles you can retain more length because your hair isn't out all the time. So, there will be less detangling and less manipulation done on the hair and your ends are protected.

My styles of choice are Flat Twist updos and Buns.

Flat Twists on Natural Hair

Flat Twist are great as protective styles because your ends are safely tucked away and you can easily get up to 5 days wear out of this style. At night I spritz with a little leave-in or water, tie with a satin scarf and go to bed. Wake up and just just go. Easy! This style is actually perfect for those of you girls who are transitioning and still have relaxed ends. If you don't know how to flat twist there is always YouTube. 

Below is a simple but cute Flat Twist Tutorial:

Flat Twist Tutorial by IslandEssence

High Buns on Natural Hair

Buns are my other favorite low manipulation style. Its so easy. Just do a regular puff then twist medium size pieces and pin the ends down with bobby pins. And your DONE! So easy but yet so elegant all while your ends are protected. At night spritz your with a leave-in or water then wrap scarf around the bun to lay the hair down then put a satin bonnet on. Wake up and GO!
Buns as Low Manipulation Styles

For more styling tutorials watch the video below:

What are your favorite low manipulation natural hairstyles?


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