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Is Natural Hair For You?

Hey Loves! 

So, I have to talk to you guys about something. Last week while running to get some coffee in Grand Central, I was stopped by a really gorgeous black woman. She told told me how pretty my afro was and sent me blushing to natural hair heaven. UNTIL.......she said "Natural looks so great on you but I couldn't go natural'.

Now I had a problem with that comment. I had to stop her from continuing and ask her "does your hair grow?" She looked at me like I was crazy and asked what I meant. So I simply repeated my question. Softly she said "yes". So I asked "So if natural hair grows from your scalp then why is it NOT FOR YOU?" I know I gave her something to go home and think about it. I sure did.

I am not the only one who have heard women say natural hair is not for them. What do you girls think about that?


  1. Unfortunately, due to a history of negativity surrounding (almost every) feature of the black woman (and man), people have been conditioned to think that it's necessary to hide/change some of their naturally given features. Including (or especially) the one that grows right out of their scalp. It's just become the "norm", hence the popularity of the saying "it's just not for me". Interestingly enough, the relaxer box boasts the opposite "just for me" lol!

    1. You are so right. Just For Me relaxer is one of the first relaxers I got. And yes it puts it in your head that what grows from my scalp is not for you. But this box of Just For Me is what you need.

  2. I used to say that unfortunately. But I just decided to go for it and I for the first time in my life am in LOVE with my hair! It all came in stages and phases but when I read "Thank God I'm natural" I knew I would never go back to relaxers and that whatever grew from my scalp would be great! There must be a mindset change but we all have to come to the realization for ourselves. Your words to her were dead on! Spread freedom!


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