Product Review: Jane Carter’s Solution Scalp Nourishing Serum

Product: Jane Carter’s Solution Scalp Nourishing Serum
Where To Buy:
Price:  $10.71 (With Coupon)
Size: 1oz

Product Claims: Scalp Nourishing Serum heals and soothes your scalp using all natural essential oils, botanicals, and vitamins. Designed to nourish and reduce inflammation on the scalp, the combined ingredients penetrate the scalp. When combined with heat and massage, this Serum will increase scalp circulation resulting in a healthy, supple, well-nourished scalp.
When used daily, it will help reduce itching, flaking and control dandruff.

Key Ingredients:
Carthamus Tinctoriu (Safflower) Oil, Cedrus Atlantic (Cedarwood)*, Citrus Grandi (Grapefruit)*, Caqnaga Odorat (Ylang Ylang)*, Cymbopogon Martini (Palmarosa)*, Rosmarinus Officinali (Rosemary)*, Tocopherol (Vitamin E). *Essential Oils

My Thoughts:
I suffer from eczema and my scalp tends to be very dry and often itchy - if I do not add moisture often. I literally have no budget when it comes to products that will help my troubled scalp. So, I was very happy to try this Scalp Serum. First, I must say that the bottle is designed with dropper top. So it is easier to oil your scalp and you have control of how much product actually gets out. Sadly, that’s where the love stopped.

Maybe my expectation was too high for this product. I thought my scalp was going to be moisturized and not itch or flake and stay moisturized for days. However that was not my experience. The serum/oil felt good on my scalp when I applied it initially and I was happy. However, the next day it’s as if I did not apply anything to my scalp. I did not like that. The bottle is only 1oz and last me a few days then it was finished. Applying oil to my scalp daily is not practical for me.

A few days ago, I decided to use the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine on my scalp because the bottle of scalp serum is now finished. The Nourish & Shine is the BOMB.COM. My scalp still feels so good days after. I have not reapplied it and my scalp has no sign of flake nor is it itching. I won’t be using the Scalp Nourishing Serum again even if it’s a gift.

Please Note: Not because it didn't work for me means that it won’t work for you.

  • Bottle is designed with a dropper top so applying the product is easy

  •  My scalp did not stay moisturized. The next day I needed to reapply.
  •  Bottle is only 1oz, pricey and did not work for me.

I did not like the Jane Carter’s Scalp Nourishing Serum. However the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine work better on scalp. I will be using it on my scalp as well as my hair and body.


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