Transitioning Hair Styles

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Transitioning Hair Styles 

There are various styles that can compliment you on your journey from relaxed to natural. The challenge is working with two textures and getting the two textures to blend. Many natural’s struggle with finding the perfect style to compliment both tresses. To help assist in the process, always find a style that suits you to your liking, and when in doubt, if being creative and opting to other styles doesn’t work for you, simply stick with what you know works best.
Below are several styles that are great for blending both the relaxed and natural hair:

Corn Row Updos

Sew-Ins and Box Braids

Simple High Bun

You can also be creative and create several styles at once. For instance, corn rows in the top with a braid out in the back! OR you can also create several styles from the initial style. For instance, you can first rock a flat twist, then take it loose and rock the curly fro. From the fro, you can always rock a bun, twist it, braid it, pin it up, etc.! 

Whatever style you choose, make sure you rock it with confidence! 
Have FUN!!!!
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