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Featuring Britney Lozada: Talented Aspiring Artist

Hey Guys!!

Hope you guys are well and enjoying what is left of 2013. I want to introduce you guys to an amazingly talented aspiring artist - Britney Lozada. Britney has been my co-worker for over 4 years and I had no idea that she liked art and was utterly shocked that creates art.

While sharing that I might pick up Journaling/scrapbooking in 2014, she revealed that she draws/sketches and should maybe start putting them in a book (like a portfolio). I was intrigued so I asked her to show me something that she has done, so she pulled out her phone and showed me pictures. I was impressed!! Impressed at the final product, yes; but more impressed at how she arrived to the final product.

She explained to me that she really draws sharp lines and curves and without a real purpose or direction but something great is born from those lines and curves. Her art is random - she don't plan what On the train, from scarps of paper in her bag she would sketch what comes to her mind. At a restaurant while waiting to be served, the back of her menu becomes a canvas. If that is not real born-natural talent then I don't know what is.

White Rabbit

After seeing her work, I had to compliment her on her talent and encourage her to not keep this hidden. I had to ask her to allow me to showcase her drawings (or RandomArt as she calls it) to you guys.


I am sure that you can see that she has talent and with some work and practice she will be better. Let us all encourage her. Add her to your Instagram @brit_loz and Facebook @Britney Lozada.


Guys, DO NOT keep your talents and aspirations hidden. If I had done that, then this blog would not exist and you would not be reading about her right now. Show somebody what you have done. My best advice to her was to create a blog. Seeing your work on the internet and having at least ONE person look at it is an amazing feeling and the biggest source of encouragement. I know this first had from my Experience with Glam Natural Life.

Do you have any hidden talents that you have not yet showed the world? You can start with me. What are your talents and/or aspirations? Share them with us.


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