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Featured Naturalista: Micca Whaley

Featured Naturalista: Micca Whaley

Where are you from? 
I am from South Carolina.

What’s something we wouldn't know by looking at you? 
This is really hard. I guess I would say that because I tend to carry myself in a "I take myself pretty seriously" way to some, most people are very shocked to learn that I am a complete nut. I mean I'm very silly and down right immature at times. Haha! I can also cross stitch and crochet.

Having Fun with the FRO!

How long have you been natural? 
I have been natural for about 4 weeks now! I'm a baby natural but I'm so happy that I finally did it!

Did you do the Big Chop or did you transition to natural hair and When? 
My last relaxer was February 2013. I transitioned for 10 months before cutting the relaxed ends on December 8, 2013. But I like to think I did my big chop, kind of, before I really transitioned. I cut my relaxed hair into a pixie cut in March 2013 and then let it grow from there with mini trims every two months or so.

Did you have a support system? 
I did and do! My friend Shaquenta, who has similar textured hair as I do, and my friend Kirsten (NaturalHairStyles101 on IG) has definitely been my go-to gal for inspiration and help. My grandmother, mom, sister and boyfriend were pretty supportive with my decision and have been my captive audience whilst my hair changed from bone straight to curly! So YES, I have a solid support system!

What is more important to you - Hair Length or Hair Health? 
Hair health is of the utmost importance to me. Hair health is the reason I decided to let relaxers go. I've always had pretty healthy and strong hair since my first relaxer at age 6. For the last year or two, I found breakage around my edges that I couldn't correct. Then I started getting scalp burns even when I didn't feel myself getting them. And they were BAD!

So I just want a healthy scalp and head of hair!
What are some of your favorite natural hair products? I don't really have a favorite product as I'm still trying to figure out what works for my hair. My hair has done well with Cantu Shea Butter Repair Cream & Conditioner as a leave-in. Shea Moisture Purification Masque is a great product for me for deep conditioning. I'm still searching for a curl definer for my hair. Any help??

What is your natural hair regimen? 
I usually wash my hair once every week. Sometimes I skip a week depending on my schedule. I rarely co-wash because I get build up on my scalp. I shampoo with the tea tree shampoo/conditioner from Trader Joes, or the Organix Argan Oil shampoo/conditioner and the Shea Moisture Purification Masque as a DC (when I remember--I'm bad!) I use the Cantu Shea leave-in conditioner and seal with coconut/olive oil. I usually flat twist or two strand twist my hair and let it air dry.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering to go natural or a newly natural sista? 
My advice to someone considering going natural would be to have a solid reason for making the change and a game plan even though you may not not know what to expect. Peruse YouTube and ask questions!!

Where can we find you?
I have limited social media contacts but one may find me on IG: mwhay14. :-)

How did you hear about us? 
I first started following GlamNaturalLife on Instagram. How did I get there? I have no idea!

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