How To Make Natural Face Mask using Aztec Healing Clay

DIY Natural Face Mask with Aztec Healing Clay

DIY Natural Face Mask with Aztec Healing Clay

Hey My Loves!

Have you ever tried to make a Natural Face Mask? Well I have done some research and decide to make my own featuring the Aztec Indian Healing Clay. I was so happy to try this.

So what is this Aztec Healing Clay? This is 100% Calcium Bentonite Clay (nothing added - 100% pure). This is great for clearing up the skin of acne, blackheads, dead skin, other impurities and leave the skin glowing and clean. When mixed properly into a nice paste and apply to the face it, it gets hard after about 15mins. As it hardens, it pulls all bad stuff from under our skin to the surface (like a suction).

Ingredients for the Natural Face Mask
Ingredients for the Natural Face Mask

So what do we need for this mask?
2-3 tbs of Aztec Healing Clay
Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tbs Honey
None metal bowl and spoon (this is very important)
Direction: Mix until mixture turns to a paste. 

Below is a video on how I make and apply the mask and also how I feel about it.

Watch This Video To See How I Make The Mask

I found a great deal on Amazon for $23 for 2 packs which will last forever. To order the clay click here!

Would You Try This Natural Face Mask?


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