14 Days - Vegan Challenge With Island Essence

14 Days - Vegan Challenge With Island Essence

Hey Loves!

My best-friend Trudy from Island Essence started a 14 Day Vegan Diet Challenge and I thought you guys would just love to join her. She decided to be more conscious of the food she eats and I believe we all need to start watching what goes into our body.

Her 14 Day Vegan challenge is a collaboration with the Kushites Vegetable Cuisine in Kingston Jamaica. So, if you are in Jamaica then you know where to go to get vegan meals. However if you are here in America, your choices are endless. I have done this challenge before using meals and grocery from Trader Joe's, Pret and Whole Foods as these places have tons of vegan choices along with your neighborhood supermarket. Just remember: no meat, no dairy, no fish!  Only natures gifts.

CLICK HERE to check out her blog for details on the challenge and join her.

Below are images of some of the foods that she has been eating so far. They look so pretty and nutritious.

Nut Balls in green thai curry, coconut jelly noodles and
black "Forbidden" rice salad with Lemon Grass Iced Tea 

Falafels & Jimbilata Cous Cous including a carrot and dates salad

Check out Island Essence and Join The Vegan Diet Challenge!


  1. Everything actually looks delicious! I tried vegan for a year but I missed cheese so badly :( I'm thinking it would be fun to join the challenge!

    1. Hey Kiianah, I want to try a no meat diet February 1st to 14th. You should do it with me.


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