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Day1 of 14Day Vegetarian Challenge

Day1 of 14Day Vegetarian Challenge

Hey Guys!

My 14 Day No Meat Vegetarian Challenge has begun! Excited mucho mucho! Lol! I am also excited that a good number of ladies and gents have decided to do this challenge with me. Now I don't feel alone. Also, Maggi from CluelessCurl have joined me on this challenge and we will both be documenting the challenge and supporting each other. Please go check out her blog. She is such a positive person, Eco-lover and tries to live clean with every passing day. 

So, yesterday February 1st was day 1 of the challenge. I woke up and reminded myself that this is not just a challenge but a change in lifestyle. I hope this challenge will allow me to fall in love with more earthy foods and improve the health of my household. Yes people......the FiancĂ© is supporting the challenge and also excited to see how it will affect his health. He is much better at making smoothies than I can so he is the official Smoothie Master in this challenge. 

So here is a break down of what I ate yesterday:


I wasn't that hungry so I had a banana and orange and drank some black tea that I got from Teavana. 

My friends Krista and Yana took my fiancĂ© and I out for brunch at a Jamaican spot in Soho to celebrate our engagement. 

I went back to my Jamaican roots and ordered the Jamaican Breakfast: Ackee, callaloo, plantains and festival. Yummy! Now I miss my mommy's cooking. 

For Dinner I took over.  I loved it. No meat but still taste good and filling.

I made a lovely dinner of couscous, steamed cabbage with sweet onions, fried ripe plantains and freshly sliced cucumber. Served with a glass of lemon water.

What did you eat today? Share with us. 

See you tomorrow. Let's learn and grow together. 


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