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Countess Vaughn Suffers Due to Lace Front Wigs

Countess Vaughn Suffers Due to Lace Front Wigs

Now I have heard lots of heartbreaking stories about wearing weaves but this one is truthfully painful to hear. The actress Countess Vaughn, revealed on The Doctor's TV that she suffered severely as a result of wearing lace front wigs religiously.

These wigs are very attractive to women in the black community. They are more appealing because they cover your entire head and once in place, it can really look like your natural hair (hairline and all). So what does it need to stay in place and look good? Not pins or strings but GLUE! Yes, the lace front wings have to be glued to the perimeter of your head.

Countess Vaughn developed a horrible allergic reaction from the glue that is used to fasten the wig to her skin. If this is not a sign and witness to the harms of these weaves then I don't know what will make women stop wearing these things on their head. Is the pain of chemical reactions and other harmful effects of wearing wigs worth it?

Countess Vaughn was brave enough to share this with the world and hope to educate women on the risk of wearing lace front wigs. You might be saying well 'I have always been wearing them and nothing happened'. Well, Countess was wearing lace fronts for over two years before having a reaction. So this simply means that it can happen to anyone wearing lace front wigs regardless of how long they have been wearing them. One day a lace front wig wearer can wake up with puss/mucus oozing out of their scalp. 

Below is the video of Countess Vaughn talking about her tragic experience with wearing lace front wigs.

Lastly, what is so bad about wearing your own hair - no weaves (sewn in or lace front or clip ins). Wearing your own hair is always better than wearing someone else's. That is my humble opinion. 

Have you ever had a bad experience from wearing weave extensions?


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