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Monistat For Natural Hair Growth

Monistat for Hair Growth

Monistat for Natural Hair Growth

I was recently asked on Facebook by a lovely young lady about using Monistat for hair growth. Yes…….you read right. We are talking about Monistat Cream. You should have seen my face as I read this. I had to quickly tell her to ignore those blog posts and videos promoting this foolishness. 

Oh boy! The things we women do for the dream of long hair. I have seen and heard of a lot of remedies for hair growth. However using Monistat cream for hair growth is by far the most outlandish remedy of them all. Like really?

Ok, I won't even go into the research of what actually makes the Monistat cream. There are claims that 'some' ingredients in the Monistat cream are good for hair growth. Listen to me, all I know, is that it is made for the vagina to cure yeast infection and there is nowhere on the tube where it provide info on hair usage. Let me say that again. Monistat cream is NOT FOR HAIR! So please don't put this cream in your hair people. 

I don't care how many YouTube videos you have watched with girls saying that Monistat grew their hair - do not follow this nasty trend. If it's so great, then women should be walking around with big balls of hair between their legs from massive pubic hair growth right? I doubt that is the case. Also, Monistat is only to be used in the vagina for a few days or you can get bad reactions from it. Knowing this, women are still promoting the use of this powerful Vagina Medicine to be used on your hair? Like dang, you want long hair that bad?

If long hair is what you crave, how about you build a hair care regimen? How about you treat your hair and scalp well and keep it healthy? Massage natural oils into your scalp, not Monistat Cream. Treat your hair well and you will see growth. 

Stop focusing on hair growth and focus on improving your hair's health. How about that? And please, my lovely readers, do not be lured by anybody out there telling you to put Monistat Vagina cream in your hair. 

What is the craziest hair growth remedy you have heard of?


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