Natural Hair & Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy so far has taught me that a woman's body has some super powers. The things my body are going through during this time is simply breath taking .....and weird - all at the same damn time. And, to know that my body can go back to how it was before pregnancy is just remarkable. I have a real human being in my belly! Lol! God is good! 

This is my first pregnancy and I am trying to enjoy it while I deal with the many changes my one little body is going through. This is my 20 week Pregnancy Update and I want you guys to know that I will be having a bouncing baby boy come December! You guys must know that my husband is screaming from the rooftops as he will be getting his mini-me. Lol! Regardless, I still get a lil boy to deck out in the latest fashion and watch grow into a man as we both guide him into the right pathways.

The thought of me nourishing and protecting my little Derrick Jr warms my heart. I love this little boy so much already, and he is not even here yet. Rubbing my belly makes me feel as if I am caressing him so you will almost always find me rubbing my baby bump. My DJ will be here in a few months - cant wait.

20Weeks Preggers

There are so many changes going on with my body that I can't possibly go into to all of it. My friend Shareeka, who is also pregnant, suggested that I read this book called Pregnancy Sucks. Boy has it been a lifesaver. the author doesn't sugarcoat anything and tells it as it is. It makes me know that I am not all that crazy and my complaints are valid and warranted. It makes me know that I am not alone and my raging hormones are expected. Nobody said pregnancy is easy but boy was I not prepared. Lol! My baby boy just wants to meet his mommy, that's all. 

There are a few pressing problems that I have encountered and have been trying to find my own way of dealing with them. If you are a mom please do comment below and offer any advice as I am very new to this. 

Raging Hormones!
Boy is this true. A very little thing can quickly be a big thing with me right now. My dear husband needs a medal. I get very moody and emotional for no apparent reason. 

Lack of Energy!
As this baby grows; my energy goes. LITERALLY! No joke. The first trimester was horrible. All I wanted to do was sleep. I was told by lots of mommies that 2nd trimester would be easy. I believed this and it was true. If only it would last more than two! I had energy to go to Jamaica to get married and have vacation with my girlfriends on Martha's Vineyard. But then where did the energy go? Now I am back to square one. Tired all the time. I try to rest as much as I can but I have a full time job to do. Lol. Can I get a pillow at my desk?

Lower ligament Pains
I am aware that pregnancy was never meant to be easy. But I don't think I was prepared for the pain. The bottom of my belly sometimes feels like it's on fire. The pressure is unreal. If I stand, I feel a worrying pain and pressure in my lower abdominal area. Sorta feel like labor is coming - like I even know what that feels like. The doctor said this feeling is normal but, those words did not help at all.  So far I just try to sit as much as possible and drink water. I need to pick up prenatal yoga but then when will I find energy for that?

Boobies on FIRE!
No joke, I am serious. Every time I am chilly my nipples burn like you lit fire on them. Lol. Every time I am chilly, my nipples begin to burn as if they were flaming torches.  Lol.  Even a little breeze can ignite the fire. For now, nipple cream is my friend. 

Trouble Sleeping at Night
It would be nice to just go to bed and go off to dreamland. If only I could make that a reality. The doctors say to sleep on your left side but my body finds all other positions to be in which of course cause discomfort after a while. I ordered a mommy pillow so let's see if that helps. 

Natural Hair Update

I will admit my hair has become a lonely stepchild. I have ZERO energy for it. Recently, my husband said go me "seriously, Shelly you need to do something with that hair". Might sound mean, but I have to say he was right. I hadn't washed my hair in forever and was rocking a puff daily for weeks. My hair was running competition with Scotch Brite to see who was courser. Yea, it was that bad. 

Change my hair regimen and hair style. 

  • I will push myself to wash every 2 weeks rather than weekly - which was my pre-pregnancy regimen. To be honest, the weekly regimen is just too ambitious for me right now. 
  • Deep condition each time I wash for 30mins under a heat cap. 
  • Style in stretched and easy styles like jumbo flat twist pinup and jumbo cornrows. I might also do buns if I blow dried my hair for stretch. Basically I am trying to do as much protective styling as possible 
  • And lastly. Keep it simple. To be honest, that's all I got time for. Lol. 

So that's what has been going on with me guys. If you have any questions, or advice to share please share below in the comment section. 

Love you guys! 


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