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Naturel Lyfe Liquid African Black Soap


I love african black soap. I normally buy a big block at the African Arts Festival in Brooklyn every summer and let it last me all year. I've always wished that I could have it in liquid form so that I can more easily use it in my hair.

African black soap is a natural soap known for its cleaning power without harsh chemicals. It is great for treating acne and other skin conditions and a great clarifier for your hair. So when Naturel Lyfe sent me this bottle of liquid African black soap, I wanted to hug them in joy. Seriously, I was that excited. 

The Packaging
First, lets talk about the packaging. I love this bottle because of the nozzle head. You can easily apply the black soap directly to your scalp if you are washing your hair. It's also very convenient to simply drop a few drops into your palm if you are using it to wash your face - instead of rubbing a bar of soap into your hand until you have a lather. This 8oz bottle will last you a long time as little goes a long long way. 

How I Use It
Ok, now let's get into why I love this soap. You can use it on literally EVERYTHING. I use it to wash my face and I find that it leaves my face completely clean. All oils, dirt and makeup was gone with just one small drop of this liquid black soap in my palm. The lather is rich and I just love it. 

The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish it was a little thicker in consistency. It is very watery so when you pour into your palms to wash your face you tend to pour out too much and then it went everywhere. 

My absolute favorite use for the soap however is for washing my hair. When you shampoo your hair, it is important that you try to get your scalp completely clean and focus on the scalp. The rest of your hair will get cleansed in the rinsing process. But sometimes it's just so hard to get directly to the scalp. This is why I love the nozzle on this bottle so much. I can get to my scalp so much easier. 

The soap cleans my scalp effectively and I do not need to shampoo twice. The lather is rich and really gets in there to clean the hair and scalp without leaving it super dry. This product is all natural so no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil or anything artificial. That is a great plus. 

You can also use it as a body wash, but I have not used it for that purpose. They have really found a customer in me because I will purchase this product for myself. 

This is my very honest review and I absolutely recommend this soap to everyone. 


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