10 Timeless Pieces of Clothing All Women Should Own

By Patricia Cornwell
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When you choose the clothes, every self - respecting and modern lady counts on the latest fashion trends for having excellent look. It is true that the fashion changes so rapidly and sometimes you catch yourself having all those unnecessary pieces of clothing, quietly hiding in your wardrobe,waiting for their time to come. If you want to avoid having unnecessary and rarely worn clothes, whose only purpose is to fill the space in the wardrobe, may be this article will attract your attention.

You will receive valuable information of several timeless pieces of clothing that will serve you in the best possible way, for different occasions. If you possess these 10 important pieces of clothing you will definitely save up a lot of money and you will look elegant and more feminine than ever. No matter of your age or style, you can use them as an addition to your casual or more official clothes.

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The wonderful Black Blazer
It is needless to say why you should have at least one black blazer in your wardrobe. It is the perfect addition to your elegant or more official outfit. Combined with your jeans, those black blazers will highlight your femininity in an astonishing way. The best part is that it looks wonderful on all body types and that you can wear it with skirts, dresses and trousers.

The Classic Stripped Shirt
This shirt is suitable for combination with your favorite jeans or more causal trousers. It makes you look attractive and it is an excellent choice for a shirt, worn underneath the blazer.

The Black Pants
Black pants can never be considered old-fashioned and for that reason it is good to be supplied with one or two pairs. You can easily combine them with a white shirt and depending on the occasion you can choose official or casual ones. They always look stylish and modern and another advantage is that there is a great diversity of black pants on the market, so you can pick up the one that appeals to you most

An Official Suit
This is a must for every lady that wants to highlight her femininity and to look stylish and attractive. The classic combination of ideal suit includes a jacket and skirt, with an elegant shirt whose color will contrast the color of the suit.

The Sweet White T-shirt
You haven't forgotten about all those cute white T-shirts, have you? Look inside your wardrobe – may be you can find at least one or two of them. If not, I advise you to supply yourself with them, as they are the ideal combination for classy jeans and black pants.

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Riding Boots
No matter of the latest trends of the fashion, a pair of riding boots will always serve you in the best possible way. You can wear them with your favorite jeans and trousers and they are very comfortable.

The Official Evening Clutch
I assure you that once you have bought your black evening clutch, you can use it for many types of official occasions. It can be perfectly combined with almost all types of official dresses and black pumps.

The Black Pumps 
When you search for the most suitable and timeless black pumps, focus on those ones who are comfortable but still look elegant and stylish on your feet.

The Old Forgotten Classic Jeans
Jeans are always modern and suitable outfit for every lady who wants to look great in her casual outfit. Trust the classic styles and combine them with your favourite T-Shirt

The Little Black Dress
Yes, the little black dresses are timeless and they do have their place in the wardrobe.

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The Classic Trench
You can wear your classic trench over your suit, trousers or skirt – so do not hesitate if you still haven't invest in a trench and go for it !

These are some of the timeless pieces of clothing that every lady should possess in her wardrobe. Maintain and clean your clothes on regular basis, if you want to preserve their nice condition for a longer time.

About the Author:
Patricia meets lots of people daily as her job for Super Tenancy Cleaning W6 requires. She is always well dressed and follows the latest fashion trends.


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