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3 Items you Have to Retire From Your Closet

If you meet difficulties to find your clothes, whenever you look into your closet, may be the time for its arrangement has finally come. It is not good to postpone this process, unless you want to establish a real mess in the closet. Every woman has experienced problems with finding her things in the closet, due to the great diverse of clothes, hats and shoes that had been placed there. When it comes to organizing closets, it is difficult to say what are the exact models to follow, however, there are certainly many things that do not belong there.

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The stuff that can be observed in people's closets can definitely amaze you and if you think more carefully of your own closet, you will probably find out that it could also win the prize for the craziest wardrobe that you have seen. In case you want to put an order in the closet, without spending the whole weekend in wondering which things to leave and which to throw away, I advise you to take a look at the following list and to remove these items as soon as possible.

The Tiny and Useless Objects
Anything that's too small is completely inappropriate to stay in your huge closet. First of all, the closet is usually the place where you put all of your clothes and the better decision is not to turn it into a space where you hide all of your tiny gadgets and old-forgotten presents. Get rid of the small objects that are traditionally situated in small boxes and not in your closet and make the space look arranged and filled with items such as clothes, shoes and other things that will contribute for your excellent outfit.

Get Rid of the Things that You Don't like
No matter how much you love all those old dresses and shirts, it is high time you left more space for the new ones. It is true that some of our clothes have sentimental value and we find it difficult to throw them away, but it is not a good habit to keep old clothes while you can leave so much space for all the modern and elegant clothes that are awaiting for you.

The Old-Fashioned Clothes
Sometimes, it is interesting to demonstrate a retro style and to wear your old-fashioned clothes that has been staying in your closet for ages. However, if you really want to leave more space for you brand new clothes, it is preferable to remove the “retro” style from the closet and to situate them at more appropriate place. If you are reluctant to throw the clothes away, you can always donate them.
The Useless hangers
Having too much hangers in your closet can really contribute for the disorder. If you want to be supplied with enough amount of hangers for all of your clothes, you can choose among a great diversity on the market, just make sure that there aren't too much empty hangers in the closet, whose purpose is just to fill the space. I advise you to remove them and to leave the more stable ones that will serve better.

The final step for establishing an order in your wardrobe hides in providing an adequate cleaning from top to bottom. Apart from the arranging of the clothes and boots, you also need to make sure that the closet is carefully cleaned from dirt and stains. If you follow these tips, you will soon have your closet arranged in an excellent way and you will find your clothes easier and faster than before.

The article is provided by Patricia J. Cornwell from PT Maintenance Paddington. To read fashion magazines is kind of a hobby for her so she is always aware what is going to be modern and what has to be retired. 


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