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He Will Melt Your Heart

Hey Loves!

I know I have not done a personal post in a long long time. But your girl been crazy busy. Don't think I forgot ya'll tho. Lol! Between motherhood, wife duties and a new job in a new field and industry........I am beat. 

The baby is literally sleeping as I type right now so I better hurry up before he wakes up yelling for his mommy. DJ is doing great! I started to sleep train him, so I have been getting a little more sleep now than before. Right now DJ is 4 months old, 14lbs 5oz and super tall at 26 1/2 inches long. Yes, I got me a future basketball player on my hands. Below is a cute little video of my little pumpkin:

He is so energetic, loves to laugh and will melt your heart. He is really a happy baby. He is rolling from front to back and visa versa and seem really eager to walk when you hold him up. I keep saying 'baby, you need to sit up and crawl first'. Lol. He is also attempting to crawl by pushing himself on the ground. He is truly amazing to watch.

I start feeding him solids and boy does he love his food. So far carrots and sweet potato are his favorite foods. You know that makes his mommy happy right? Hehe! The only downside is that he is a big messy eater because his hands keep finding his mouth while he is eating. But hey, isnt that what babies do?

There is so much I want to tell you but then this post will be way too long. If you want to see more baby and mommy related posts then please let me know. I started to make baby food, so let me know if you are interested in knowing how I do that.

Until next time; Peace and Love!


  1. He is so precious. Such a little cutie.


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