Step 1 to A Healthy Hair Journey

Step 1 to a Healthy Hair Journey: Assess Your Hair's Health!

The first step on your healthy hair journey should be to Assess Your Hair's Health. I have to admit that I have to restart my healthy hair journey from scratch. The current condition of my hair is far from healthy. It's breaking. It's shedding like tree leaves in the fall - no kidding.  It's dry. This is all due to neglect. There, I admit it. It's all my fault. Lol!

My litte (Big) DJ

As you guys already know, I had my handsome little son a year ago and he has been taking up 150% of my time and energy. I swear, he think he is 10yrs old instead a year old. I also started a new job last year which added more stress to my already new hectic lifestyle. As a result, little to no time was spent on my hair. Now, I have to repair the damage caused by the neglect. 

So how much damage did I cause and what do I need to repair? Let's do an assessment of my hair. 

Is my hair growing? 
I know that our hair is always growing but I really think my growth has been blocked. 

Is your hair breaking or shedding?
BOTH. When you see small pieces of hair all over the place like I do, then your hair is definitely breaking. When you see full length strands of hair coming from your scalp, it means your hair is shedding. Shed hair tends to always have a bulb at root - look at a shed hair up close. Also a shed strand tends to be the length of your hair. 

How would you describe your hair ends?
Oh boy! Splitting and dry in some areas. I so need a trim - I know it. 

What is the condition of your scalp?
Dry and flaky in some areas while other area look perfectly fine. I also suffer from scalp eczema. 

Do you have a hair regimen and do you stick to it? 
I DO have a regimen. Do I stick with it? No. And I feel like I use my change in lifestyle and responsibilities as an excuse. There, I admit it. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the health of your hair?
I am embarrassed to say that I went from a 9/10 down to about a 6/10 on the hair health scale. 

It's important that we do a self assessment of our hair so that we know beforehand, what area we need to work on as we embark on a healthy hair journey. The above are the areas I need to work on and I will be documenting. Please note that I am not an expert and simply learn through trial and error what works on MY hair. I appreciate any advice you can give as I share my experiences and I will give advice based on that experience.

Do the assessment above and share with us what is the current state of your hair. 

Until next post, Muah!