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Highly Recommended Products for Locs!

UPDATED DIY Moisturizer For Locs & Natural Hair

I have been asked over and over again about how I moisturize my locs and what is in my spray bottle. Throughout my 5+ years having loose natural hair, I have always gravitated more towards DIY moisturizers than the store bought products. It tend to be cheaper and I know exactly what is inside the product.

In the first few months of being loc’d, I noticed how dry my locs were and needed SOMETHING. So I experimented with building a leave-in-spray to keep my locs moisturized. After a couple tries, I think I got the formula down to what my hair likes. I do not make big batches - I mostly use a 4oz travel size bottle.

So here it is:

Half bottle rose water1/4 bottle castor oilA little jojoba oil or olive oil.2 drops of tea tree oil2 drops of rosemary oil2 drops of lemon grass oil1 drop of lavender oil for fragranceGive it a good good shake

Why do I love this so much?
It moisturizes my hair and scalp really well. And stays moisturized longer. It’s very natural and SIMPLE. The plus is that I al…