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  1. Hey my name is Habibah

    I was wondering which shampoo is best for natural hair type ..

    1. Hey Hun! My favorite shampoos are Shea Moisture curl and Shine shampoo or Shea Moisture Moisture retention shampoo or OBIA shampoo bar.

      Let me know if you want help with anything

  2. Hi Shelly, I like your website and signed up today. I've transitioned after watching my oldest daughter transition. I started in Nov/Dec 2012 last perm July 2012. Last of my permed my daughter trimmed off Independence Day 2013. I've noticed that every so often I have to change my hair regimen, (nightly do) because my hair reacts/acts out during the day however it feels. So for instance I may go from cornrows to braids and vice versa. The one thing I haven't figured out is humidity. Do you have any suggestions for hair reaction to humidity. I have soft hair so I could walk out the house and it just goes puff. I've grown to accept it because ever since I was a teenager I could go to the beauty salon and spend much money, & have a bad hair day the next day easy. With my natural I'm more accepting of it's daily changes etc. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.


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