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Highly Recommended Products for Locs!

Scalp Detox For Locs & Natural Hair - Alternative To ACV Soak

Do you have dry itchy scalp? Do you suffer from Scalp Eczema? Do you have buildup in your locs that just wont get out? If you answered 'YES' to any of the above questions, then this post is just for you.

For folks with scalp eczema (or seborrheic dermatitis), we are told to use the medicated stuff the dermatologist prescribed and oil our scalp. However, sometimes that is just not enough. For regular dry scalp, they say oil your scalp and you will be fine. And lastly, for build-up in the loc or on your loose natural hair, the recommendation is to do a ACV rinse/soak. I personally have not found ACV soaks to be very effective on my scalp and here - but I will touch on that in just a second.

Why Detox on Scalp? Our scalp goes through A LOT! We apply oils and products to our scalps and often times it is not washed thoroughly. On top of that, our scalp secretes sebum (its own oils) and lastly our scalp sweat and that can be quite acidic as well. Again, sometimes our scalp never ful…


I have tried many shampoos in my locs to determine what is the best clarifying shampoo for locs that will give us that deep cleansing action that we need periodically.

First, lets talk about what is a clarifying shampoo and how to effectively use them in your locs. Clarifying shampoos are meant to deep clean your hair/locs - removing all dirt, oils, products and debris. However, clarifying shampoos can be quite harsh on the hair leaving it dry and brittle but clean. Because of the drying effect, I highly recommend following up with an oil rinse or a moisturizing shampoo. If you use conditioner in you locs, then you can go straight to conditioning.

Sadly, not all clarifying shampoos are made equal and thus not all effectively clarify the hair/locs. I have tried many different clarifying shampoos that leave my hair dry and feels squeaky clean but I can clearly see that it is still dirty. Even shampoos that I swore by when i was loose natural and even in the first few years of my loc journ…

Building A Fall 2019 Capsule Wardrobe

Have You Pulled Out Your Fall Clothes From Storage?
Do you have TONS of clothes in your closet but NOTHING TO WEAR? I sure did. For this Fall season, I want to MAXIMIZE my wardrobe and really get a LOT of wears out of every piece. I want to have pieces that I can use to make many outfits from - so they should all go together.

I think this is going to be my Fall - Winter wardrobe strategy. NO SHOPPING unless I really need something. I will be 'shopping' from my closet as much as I can. If you haven't gone through your Fall clothes yet, then please do not go shopping until you do so.

Below is a video showing you a glimpse into how I am building my Fall 2019 Capsule Wardrobe:

6 Tips To Grow STRONG Healthy Locs

INTERLOCKING ROTATION | 2 Point vs 4 Point Rotation On Locs

INTERLOCKING ROTATION | 2 Point vs 4 Point Rotation On Locs

Hi Loves,

I always get asked about how do I interlock my locs and the rotation I used - whether its 2-point or 4-point rotation. Some people also use the term 2-way or 4-way rotation.

In the video below, I illustrate on my own locs, the difference between the two methods. you can then compare for yourself, if there is a difference between the two by looking at my locs.

Do you interlock your locs? Share below which rotation do you use?

Simple Natural Makeup Tutorial for Beginners 2019

How I Interlock My Locs - Retightening Traditional Locs

GlamNaturalLife - Customer Appreciation

It is with a grateful heart that I come to you today with this blog post of gratitude and self reflection. I am very humbled by what I am about to share. We are all really busy people and sometimes progress and growth and love and support can go over our heads and we don’t even even see it. We are so busy to the point where we do not even get to stop and look at our growth, our awesomeness and the support of others that got us there.

I am writing this post today to express a really big thank you to you ladies and gents who have supported this blog, my YouTube channel, the new online store of graphic tees and jewelry and have slowly become friends and my cool ‘fam bam’.

I went on a hiatus in 2014 from blogging and YouTube when I was pregnant and just really had no energy and then joined motherhood with a new job. By no means am I making excuses for slacking on being a content creator. However I want to somewhat explain why there have only been splashes of my posts and videos here and the…

The Truth About Using Conditioner On Locs

Should you use conditioner in your locs? I feel like the Loc community has scared us and label conditioner as the forbidden product for loc’d.

In the video below I share my 2 cents on using conditioner on our locs.