My Low Buy Year 2020 Challenge

My Low Buy Year 2020 Challenge | Reduce Spending, Saving More, Shop My Closet

I am a raging shopaholic. There, I said it! The question on the table is, ‘do I need everything that I buy’? Do you need everything that you buy? I think the answer to that is probably ‘NO’. 

I have made the decision to take on this Low Buy Year 2020 challenge with the goal of using what I have, falling in love with what I own and rediscovering my closet. The byproduct of this is that I will be saving more money. 

Would you like to do this Low Buy Year 2020 challenge with me? Here is how I plan to tackle this. First, let me make something very clear: I am not going to punish myself. I will never commit to a No Buy Year. This is a ‘low’ buy year challenge for me where I am spending smarter and spending less and saving more and finding happiness in the things I own versus buying new ‘stuff’. However there will be some items that I will not be buying such as luxury items and makeup. 

Ok now to the plan....this might be a lengthy post. 

  • Shop My Closet using Pinterest Inspirations:

One of the reason why I chose to do this low buy 2020 challenge is to force myself to find out what is ‘really’ in my closet and to use the clothes I have. I will only be buying items that I absolutely need. 

I will be using styling inspirations on Pinterest and instagram to make multiple outfits and will push myself to create content in this area. I am not a fashion blogger/youtuber but maybe there is value in a regular girl showing how she puts her pieces together. To be honest, when you see an outfit you love and think you need to go shopping for, 9 out of 10 times you can build similar outfits from what you already own. 

I do own quite a large (well to me it’s large) collection of luxury items. I declare that I will NOT buy any luxury items in 2020 AT ALL. There is no necessity in getting a new pair of Christian Louboutin heels or a Gucci handbag. I should focus more on getting more wears out of those big ticket items than adding to the pile. Also, my cheat to this obsession is that I will buy something if I sold something. I guess that’s recycling right? 😊

  • Unsubscribe From Marketing Emails:

This I am thinking will be a game changer. I spend a fortune at ASOS and Sephora. I unsubscribed from both of those stores and also unfollowed them on Instagram. The hope is that I won’t see when they have their sales. Through the year, I get motivated to shop ASOS 70% off sale and Sephora VIB sale. This is my week spot and will be my hardest habit to kick. 

  • Watch That Costco/Target Trap

Now Costco is bad for me. I will go in there  to buy milk and come out with clothes, shoes, new arrivals and a $300 receipt. I am going to make my shopping list and stick to it. If I went for milk I need to just get milk. This too is going to be a big challenge. For me this is Costco, for some of you, it might be Target/Walmart.

  • Do Not Buy Skincare or Makeup Unless I Ran Out

I am so guilty of buying new skincare and makeup that I clearly don’t need. How many cleansers, foundations or eyeshadows do we really need multiples of? Why do we need to stock up on things unless there is a crisis? If I am down to a few pumps of my Lancôme Tiente 500W foundation then I will buy it. Do I really need another pretty vibrant eye shadow? I work in corporate and go out once or twice per month - if that. I don’t need it. 

  • Get A Support System

This challenge will be impossible for me if I don’t have a support system. My husband and few of my friends know that I am embarking on this journey to buy less and have decided to do it with me. 

Again, this challenge is not to be a punishment. Make your own rules. My over arching goal is to buy less and buy what I need or what my family needs. I work a lot and very hard. I want to have fun and enjoy my earnings. However i also don’t want to waste my hard earned money on things I don’t need or things that sit in a closet unloved. 

So, do you want to join this Low Buy Year 2020 challenge with me? You made it to the end of this super long post so you might as well just join me. Comment below if you like to join me. If you have done a low buy or no buy Year before, can you please share your experience below?

Love you! Hope have a happy and prosperous and low spending new year!


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