SHETOWEL - Natural Hair Towel Designed For Coils, Curls and Locs

 Natural Hair Towel

Have you ever hoped that you could find a natural hair towel that was designed specifically for your natural hair, locs, curls and basically all hair types? Well now there is one. No longer do we need to use a teeshirt, microfiber towel or worse, a bath towel. Designed by a fellow Youtuber name Gifty (her channel name is FENETI)

Girl, I put thing to the test so please see my review below.

Company Claims:
  • SHETOWEL is a natural hair towel made just for us and gently dries your hair with care.  
  • Avoids breakage, tangling and promotes stronger, healthier and longer hair.

Ok, so what do I think about SHETOWEL? I put it to the test on my recent wash day and let me tell you, this natural hair towel worth every last penny.

What I love:
  • Quality material. You can tell that it is not made from cheap material. It was thick but not heavy.
  • Really absorbed the water from my locs while reducing frizz and speeding up my drying time. That is GOLD!
  • What I really love about it is that it is long and you can wrap your hair in a cute head wrap style and head out the door to run errands - all while the SHETOWEL dries my locs. Win Win!
  • Super long so its perfect if you have long locs.

If you have been on the hunt for a really good quality towel to for your wash days, then I say look no further. Click here to order yours today.


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