Growing Natural Hair

Growing Natural Hair

If I could collect a dollar every time that I get a question on how to grow natural hair; I would be a very rich girl. I hear women all the time frustrated because they don't think that their hair is growing even though they believe they have used every product in the world. So, I decide to make an entire post about it. 

So, how can we grow our natural hair? Easy! It’s already growing. Our hair grows from our scalp regardless of race or hair type - unless we have some medical condition that is preventing hair growth. What we need to focus on is Retaining the hair that is grown from our scalp. While no one thing can miraculously grow our hair, there are steps we can take to speed up the process or assist us in retaining length. 

Below are a few tips that I recommend for growth retention:

The Number One tip is feed your hair from the inside out. Drinking lots of water helps to detoxify our body and of course our scalp reaps some of the benefits. In the past year, I have nearly eliminated juice from my diet and I see the benefits in my body and my hair. I say give your body a flush of water. Would it hurt? Keeping your body healthy is the key. Grab a bottle of water and some vitamins while you’re at it too.

Keep your hair moisturized. This too has to be a must for all of us natural hair sisters. Our one head have every hair texture in the book -its curly, coily, kinky, wavy, etc. With that being said, there is no way natural oils can make it all way down our hair shaft from our scalps to keep our hair moisturized and healthy. We need to help our hair retain length by adding moisture. If we don’t then it breaks off at the end where its too dry. This is a common problem among naturals – our hair gets dry and break off and then we say our hair is not growing. Well your hair is growing, so moisturize it to keep it all on your head.

  • Learn how to moisturize your hair. Try the LOC Method when you moisturize and see if it works for you.
  • Learn how to pick good moisturizers. Just stay clear of products containing Petrolatum and Mineral Oil. Find water based products. Using natural hair products is always best and you don’t have to break the bank either. Try Shea Moisture products or Taliah Waajid brand of products. Better yet, try making your own. You have YouTube to your disposal. Educate yourself. However there are some not so natural products that work well too like Garnier Fruitis Intense Leave-In Cream. (I love that stuff).
  • Remember to seal in the moisture with a butter or oil. I prefer Shea butter or Castor oil. Experiment for yourself and see what works.

Maintain a clean scalp. Without a clean healthy scalp, you could be reducing your hair's growth rate. Cleanse your scalp at least once month. Also, try to massage your scalp with oils to stimulate blood circulation. Add a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil to your oils. Having a healthy scalp is key. 

Detangle Properly! If you do not detangle properly then you cannot retain length.

  • ALWAYS detangle from the tips of your hair up to the roots. NEVER put the comb to your head then comb downwards.
  • Use the right tools when detangling. Get yourself a nice wide tooth comb and a denman brush (or Annie’s version) at the beauty store. Start with your fingers if you like, then move on to the wide tooth comb then to your Denman detangling brush.

Opt for low manipulation styles. The less you comb your hair the more you will retain hair growth. So try styles that allow you to not touch your hair for a few days at least. Check out my posts on Low Manipulation Styling.

Use little to no heat. If you have to use heat then you have to use a low setting or eliminate it all together. Heat can damage our hair and cause split ends. Split ends are our enemy because it slowly move up the shaft causing more damage. I would suggest to leave the frying flat iron alone Girl! If you have to blow dry then use the cool/warm setting and remember the hair protectant spray ALWAYS! 

Another important note: I dont care what the bottle says, no product will 'grow' your hair. You have to understand that marketing companies have to label the bottles to attract you. They know that black women think they need a special potion to grow their hair and so they market to that need. Don't let the marketers get to you.

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So, if hair growth is important to you, treat your hair right. Have a regimen and stick to it. 


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