6 Tips to Treating Eczema (dry skin)

6 Tips to Treating Eczema (dry skin) This Winter! 

Hey Guys! Hope you've been staying warm. It's crazy cold outside. Or at least here in New York it is. My dry eczema skin is not liking this weather AT ALL!

So, I wanted to talk to you guys about winter dry skin. Well that's what I call it. Lol! In the winter my skin is at its worse. I suffer from eczema so that makes it even worse. The cold weather tend to leave my skin more dry than ever and extremely thirsty. This means that my skin is just plain horrible in the winter if I do not pamper it. Below are a few steps/tips I try to live by during the winter to treat my eczema skin.

Tips To Treat Eczema 

1. Do body Scrubs.
You must be like huh? Body scrub on dry skin? People with eczema tend to run from scrubs because they think it will tear their skin where they have dry patches. But yes, I do scrubs and I do think that it's important to do so! I do a full body scrub at the beginning of the winter cold season. This is to remove all dead skin and residue from all the lotions, soaps and eczema ointments/creams that I have been using. Also, in the winter I use heavier creams so I need all dead skin and old residue to be gone before using heavy creams. If you have bad eczema where you have rough patches I would not suggest going to a spa because they might scrub your skin too hard. I suggest that you buy a moisturizing exfoliating scrub and pad and have a spa day at home. I use the Shea Moisture Body scrubs.

Make sure that your body is soaked in hot/steamy water for at least 10 mins before you start. This allow your pores to be open and for some of the dead skin to soften.

2. Cleanse with a moisturizing cleanser.
Using soaps and cleansers with Sulfates is just plain wrong if you have dry skin. So read the ingredients. Stay away from sulfates. I cleanse my body and face with Shea Moisture soaps and Irie Essentialz soaps because they are organic and moisturizing. I also use Cetaphil soaps and body washes - they are medicated for dry skin.

3. Moisturize Your Skin More.
The winter air is very drying and harsh on your skin. You need to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. If you have eczema skin like I do, then you know that this is the challenge - especially in the areas where I have flaky patches. Find an oil-based moisturizer or moisturizers specifically formulated for dry sensitive skin. I am currently using Cetaphil moisturizers to moisturize my skin - they are gently on the skin and moisturizes effectively.

MY BIGGEST TIP EVER: Moisturize on damp skin. This is best because you can seal in some of the moisture from the water. Moisturize your skin at least twice a day. So morning and evening if that works well for you.

***You can make your own moisturizer if you like (I love my DIY mixtures -cheap and effective).
My current mixture: Coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel, Shea butter, Water (in this order or proportion). My Skin loves it.

4. Take care of that face!
Do the above steps to your face as well. Moisturize twice a day. I normally use Ambi moisturizer on my face and neck - its been my holy grail for many years. I am also testing the Loreal Hydra-Renewal face moisturizer for dry sensitive skin - so far I love it. It leaves my skin really moisturized and it stays supple all day. I love it.

5. Exfoliate and moisturize the lips.
I exfoliate with ELF exfoliating stick - I love this stuff. Best part is, it cost $2. Its made from brown sugar and oils. Moisturize your lips immediately after exfoliating. Moisturize with  Chapstick or moisturizing butter. Use hydrating lipsticks.

6. Don't forget the feet! 
This is my driest area and the part of our body that is mostly neglected. My feet get so dry that they sometimes feel like lead. Stiff! Cracked! I moisturize my feet using the LOC method. (Liquid. Oil. Cream - in that order). I wash my feet prior to going to bed. My (L) is water. I then apply my oil. This is when I pull out the good ole petroleum jelly. I apply Petroleum Jelly to my feet then I add a heavy cream like Shea Moisture Lavender Cream to seal in the oil and water. Put on a comfy sock and go to bed My feet love it. I think you should try it.

Those are the steps I follow to treat eczema or dry skin. They work well for me and might be helpful for uou too.

How do you take care of your dry skin?


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