Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Hey Loves!

Did you know that there are many benefits to be reaped from drinking Lemon water? This is very true. Last year I decided to lay off of drinking carbonated beverages and juices from concentrate. Now I only drink fresh smoothies that I make myself, water and lemon water.

If you want me to post articles on making smoothies then let me know in the comment section below. Today we are going to talk about the benefits of drinking lemon water and why you should include it in your diet. 

First lets establish something: Water is good for you and we need to consume a lot of it on a daily bases. You might think this is crazy, but when you stop drinking sodas and juices high with fructose syrup you will be craving water more and won't even realize how much you are drinking it. 

Lemon is an excellent source of nutrients for you. We see lemon as decorative garnish for drinks in restaurants and bars. However we often do not realize that lemon is a big sack of nutrients. In one lemon you can find a high concentration of Vitamin C and B-Complex, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Fiber. Yes all that in one lemon.

Add a few slices of orange for a sweeter taste

I drink lemon water daily. Once in the morning and few glasses in the evening after warm. Of course on the weekends I drink more.  Ok, so you might be saying that lemons are bitter and shy away from using it. But I am here to tell you 'to go grab a lemon AND and 1/2 an orange'. I am sure you see an orange in the images of this article but I am talking about lemons. Yes!! I sometimes add half and orange or less to my pitcher to balance the bitterness of the lemon. Oranges are sweet and comes with its own line of nutritional facts. The Orange does help to see my juice bottle more colorful too. Lol!

Some Benefits of Drinking Lemon:

  • Boost Immune System. Start your day with a glass of lemon water that is packed with Vitamin C
  • Excellent source of Potassium which the heart, nerves and brain needs to function properly
  • Aids Digestion. Drinking lemon water with dinner or lunch helps your stomach to better digest your food
  • Cleanses/Detoxes the bod of toxins
  • Freshens breath and surprisingly helps to minimize gum diseases such as gingivitis etc. 

I am not a nutritionist nor do I claim to be one. However I have done my research and have incorporated drinking lemon into my diet. This is is a very easy health choice. And, like I said, adding a little orange to your lemon water might be more appealing to you while still reaping the full benefits. I also highly suggest that you also do your research. Find out how can you add improve your health by eating and drinking more natural foods.

So tell me, do you drink lemon water?


  1. Great Post! :D I am weird in that I find plain water too...plain :) I just do not like drinking something that has "no flavor" so I have added lemon slices, orange slices I have even tested cucumber slices. My current favorite it to add mint leaves. You got me thinking to try lemon and mint together! Literally add lemon slices to my current water of shredded mint leaves. Lemon/Mint water...sounds divine if you ask me: Thanks!

    1. Yes Girl. I need water and only way i am going to drink alot is if it dont taste like water. LOL. Lemons are good for you so I add that. But you make me want to try cucumber. I will and let you if i like it

  2. Have you noticed any changes since adding the lemon water to your diet?

    1. Hi Niki,

      I feel energized when i drink lemon water versus just plain water and soda leave me sluggish. And remember drinking water is good for you so adding lemon which is also great for your body is even better.

      you have to look at it like that.

  3. Hey...Really great work to write this article....
    I always love to drink Lemon drink,its my favorite.It provides a fresh feel and also give energy to your body....


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