Are You Broke Because You Wear Your Real Hair

Recently I wrote an article for on the ignorance of black women and hair. It was based on a twitter post that stated "If you’re broke then you got no choice but to wear your real hair". I just had to share it with you guys. See Story Below:

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I guess we Naturalistas are broke as hell for daring to rock our real hair, right? 

My fiancĂ© tagged me in a post on Instagram so that I could see the ignorant views some women have on natural hair. The post was of a screen shot of woman’s twitter message. It implied that the reason why we natural Sistas go natural is because we are broke and can't afford weaves. She explained that her weaves are expensive and because we cannot afford it, we have no choice but to wear our real hair. 

My weave is expensive. I guess if you’re a broke basis b**** you got no choice but to wear your real hair.

Clearly her level of intelligence and grammar is another story all by itself. We won't go there. But, can you imagine the ignorance of this woman? Her prized hair is not the one that grows from her head but the hair that she paid lots of money for - that came from another woman's head. How does this even make sense? I must state that I do not know if she was talking about natural hair or relaxed hair that is not in a weave. Wearing relaxed hair is surely not cheap, so I don't know. Either way, it is still a very ignorant thing to say. 

If You Rock This: It means your Expensive and got $$$$$. LOL!

The words in this post struck a nerve with me because I know that this is what a lot of women think. A lot of our black sisters look down on us nappy head Sistas for wearing our hair the way God made us. I remember when I told people I was going to go natural. Some asked me why? What's wrong? Ummm, nothing is wrong. I didn't know going natural will be a lifestyle change - which I love btw. I simply wanted to not burn my scalp anymore to get straight hair that I did not born with. Nor did I want to get my scalped pulled and sewn anymore to get long straight hair that came from someone else's head. I was just tired of it all. Was it a money problem? Hell no! I been perming since I was 7 yrs old and weaving since I was in high school and knew it’s a part of a black woman's life and so you had to pay for it the same way you pay for food. It was a ritual known to most of us black women. 

If You Rock This: You are I guess you are one BROKE Sista!!!!!

We as black women need to rebuild confidence in ourselves. 

That woman's ignorant rant is evidence that there, under those expensive weaves that she so gloriously praise, lies deep self-esteem issues  She cannot see the beauty and power and luxury of wearing the hair that grow from her scalp. She would not fathom the idea of learning to care for her real hair so that her crown can always sit high on her head with brilliance. We need to change how we think and help other black women to open their eyes to the beauty that is our natural selves. And trust me, everything you need to help you on your journey is on whether you are on a natural hair journey or relaxed healthy hair journey. 

Accept your hair for what it is and embrace it hunny! 

Another woman's hair is not better than your own; even if it's wrapped in gold and has a 'luxury' price tag. The hair that grows from your scalp is prized possession and with care it can be better than any hair you can buy in a beauty supply store. 

Learn to care for hair

Achieving long healthy hair whether you have relaxed hair or natural hair is not as hard as it seem. You just need to learn how to care for your hair. Build a hair care regimen. 
Cleanse properly. The start of healthy hair begins on the scalp. Keep it clean and free of old oils and product buildup. Shampoo your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. It is also best to apply shampoo to your scalp and clean your scalp first. During the rinsing process the shaft of your hair will get cleaned. If you are a co-wash person then do that, but make sure all of your conditioner is rinsed off of your scalp. If not, you can develop scalp conditions.
Deep condition your hair with every wash. Skipping the deep conditioning step is suicide to your hair. This step is vital to overall health of your hair. Find a good deep conditioner or simply get into the kitchen and make your own DIY Deep Conditioning Treatments.
Moisturize effectively. Keeping your hair moisturized is the key to maintaining healthy hair. Find water based moisturizers that promote softness and are free of petrolatum. Moisturize daily or weekly (whatever best suits your hair)
Style with care. Handle your hair with care. Do as much low manipulation hairstyles as you can so that you can retain length and minimize damage.

What do you think about this woman's message?

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  1. Wow...I feel sorry for her, i honestly do

  2. GlamNaturalLife.comJune 26, 2014 at 3:41 PM

    yea man! I am sorry for her

  3. BROKE???!!!??? far from it. My natural hair care products cost WAY more than when I wore my hair straight...but hey...she wouldn't know that rocking someone elses hair.

  4. What is the purpose of hair custards?

  5. GlamNaturalLife.comJuly 4, 2014 at 1:05 AM

    Custards are styling products to give your twist outs and braid outs hold. Sorta like gels but no flakes even tho some custards are worse than gels in my opinion

  6. ok thanks, goodness i never bought it. I live in Jamaica and i am just realising that to be natural and really take care of your hair can be so expensive

  7. the ends of my braid out were and are fuzzy :(

  8. GlamNaturalLife.comJuly 7, 2014 at 11:35 AM

    You can find stuff in jamaica. But some stuff can be more expensive. But you can get stuff that wont break the bank. Follow my friend's page on Facebook. She do meetups and stuff a lot too. I will be in jamaica next week. having been home in like forever.

  9. will do...that is great i hope u have fun...i just finished law school and i am job hunting now. i did a few styles but i didnt want to post it online just like that

  10. im still trying to learn to cane row my own hair properly


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