33 weeks Pregnant & Almost There!

I still can't believe it; I am 33 weeks pregnant and almost there. In a few weeks my little bundle if joy will be here. So, I know that I have not been updating the blog as I should or have been letting you guys know how the pregnancy have been since my last update. I have been so tired I haven't been able to but I know that you understand.
This pregnancy have been rough but the end prize of my precious son keeps me excited. Not that I know what pregnancy should be, seeing that it's my first; but I expected something totally different. Trust me, don't believe what you see on TV, pregnancy isn't a nice evening stroll through Central Park.The baby bump is cute but that is where the cuteness ends. Lol!!

Gestation Diabetes

If you know me even a little bit, then you know that I love food. I am always the skinny girl who is hiding the fat girl inside me and feeds her truck loads of food. Buffet owners hate me. Yes! Shelly love her food. So imagine my shock when they informed me that I have Gestation Diabetes. Yes, little skinny Shelly was diagnosed with gestation diabetes and was told she can't eat like she normally would. 

I must have been dreaming, but I definitely woke up when they then told me that I have to prick my finger 4 times daily to test my blood sugar. I yelled 'WHAT' so loud, the entire NYC could hear me. Yes, that's my reality now. My finger tips are numb and I want a plate of Jamaican rice and peas so bad but can't have it because I am put on a 'diet' (dare I say the word aloud). If you want to know more about this condition, comment below and I will do an entire post on it. 

OMG, a real person is inside of this person!

I did my 3D ultrasound and it was hella real that a real little boy is inside of me. Yes, I know a baby been in there for months, I am not that crazy. Lol. But there is something about seeing his chubby cheeks on that screen and seeing him frown and annoyed at us looking at his naked body that made me go 'OMG'. That was the moment it all became real. 

The kicking

I swear I got an athlete in the making residing in my belly. He kicks and moves and jumps and attempts to run inside of me. He is definitely not learning to sharing is caring. We need to share this body. He is already telling me that he rules. But I love him and every movement makes me love him even more. I can now physically watch my belly do the dance and pulsate as he turns and moves inside me. It is quite something. 

Does it hurt? Hell yea! It hurt but I got to cut the lil man some slack. He don't got much room in there to run around. But my ribs and bladder is counting down the days until DJ is evicted. Lol. For now, I will continue to rub my belly to sooth him when he is being a little too active. My husband can now feel him without waiting a decade for a flicker of movement from my belly. It's a great bonding experience between mother and father-to-be and their soon to be child. 


This has got to be the best night of my life. All my close friends who could have been there was there. At least 90 people got fed and had fun. And those who couldn't, sent me nice gifts and cards. The place was so pretty and the food was great and activities were fun. I have to give big thanks to my friends who made it happen. My husband enjoyed the baby shower as much as I did. We felt like celebrities. We made sure to enjoy that because when DJ gets here no one will show us this much attention again. Lol!

Now I drive my husband mad

With 6 weeks to go until DJ's arrival, I am reading so much now as I try to 'prepare myself'. My friends keep telling me that these books are just making me more crazy. Everyday I find the need to tell my husband what I read and what I learned. And everyday he says 'ok baby' and carry on. Until 2 seconds later I am back with 'baby did you know that so and so .....'  Lol! Poor thing. But he is a great husband and puts up with me. Got to thank God for that. 

My next activity is to the birth class so that I can learn how this baby coming out if my hoohah is gonna go. And yes, I am taking Derrick with me to learn too. Lol! I am scared as hell about labor and delivery. But keeping my brain on the thought of my child in my arms seems to be calming. 

If you have labor and delivery tips please do share below. I will make sure that I do another update before DJ makes his grand entrance. 

Take care loves!


  1. The Birth Book by william sears and martha sears is amazing. It covers everything you wish to know about your birthning options with a strong encouragement to go for an active pure birth. Love it and I am not afraid anymore!

  2. Thank you. I will check it out!

  3. Congratulations!!!! So happy for you!

  4. Thanks hunny!

  5. Congrads and blessings!!! I would love to know more on gestation diabetes it's good to spread knowledge.

  6. I feel like EVERYONE gets pregnant when I do lol. But you have no idea just how badly I'm ready to give birth. Like, seriously. Even other pregnant women have no idea lol. At 35 weeks I can't even walk around my own house without substantial help and envy those who can roll out of bed on their own. This pregnancy needs to go ahead and wrap itself up

  7. Thank you hun. And I will do a post on gestation diabetes now that i know others would like to know about it. Thanks for reading

  8. Giiiirl, i am ready for it to be done. getting off the bed is already a chore. lol. when i get to 35 weeks i might need diapers so i dont have haul myself out of bed for the frequent peeing. lol


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